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Hardpoints Only Omega Sovereign

Sovereign Omega - refit V2.0 By Excal27 This mod will overwrite your stock sovereign, so be sure to back up your files!, This mod can...


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Hardpoints Only Pulse and Torpedo Turrets HP

this HP lowers the explosive power of the pulsemine and torpedomine when you blow them up This is for the file found [fi...


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Hardpoints Only HiddenCore HP

This lets you target the trscor beams of the hidden core asteroid, which can be downloaded from:


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Hardpoints Only Blinkers for Unity One Base

This hp will add blinkers to Unity One Starbase at;19547


Hardpoints Only HP for Terran Intrepid (new)

inside you will find a Terran Empire WarShip Intrepid new HP by TiqHud a Required file for this new hardpoint is http://bridgecomma...


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Hardpoints Only Terran Empire Galaxy Pack Fix

this fixes an issue with the torpedoes in the recently released Terran Galaxy pack Requirements:


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Hardpoints Only Space Facility HP Upgrade

Tired of having a defenseless space station to shoot at? Well now your space station will shoot back. This mod will give your space facility...


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Hardpoints Only CG Sovereign Pack

replicating quantum torpedo tubeThe NX has 40 photons and a replicating photon tube.those are the only changes


Hardpoints Only Aftermath Wolf 359 Addon Pack

in Star Trek The Next Generation "Best of both worlds" and Star Trek Deep Space Nine "Emmisary" the pack also includes some other ships as f...


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Hardpoints Only Improved P81 Ambassador HP

about it.this is a beefed-up hardpoint for the P81 Ambassador. no alterations to the actual model or it's textures was ever intended. Quan...


Hardpoints Only Vladko1's Pack

enjoy my Christmas pack realise. Merry Christmas and a happy new 2010 year. If someone have problems with the ships, he can always contact m...


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Hardpoints Only Ravens C9A Arc adjustment

fire arcs. And also because they just seemed to restrictive. This fix applies only to the C9A, not the C9 or HOK, as those ships were built...


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Hardpoints Only NX91001 add-on fix

This is my fix for the add-on files on NX91001. I remember when I written the scripts, I type a wrong name. This must fix it. Enjoy :)Sorry...


Hardpoints Only Bahamut

slugish,but its well suited for the mass and length Author in future, you need to add some way these folks can contact you. in your readm...


Hardpoints Only New HP for QuanTar [trap]

If this is in an asteroid field. and you don...


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Hardpoints Only WC Enterprise A Hardpoint Update

revealed that several of the sub-systems were in the improper locations. I have moved the sub-systems to their proper locations and balanced...


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Hardpoints Only WC TOS Enterprise HP Upgrade

WC TOS Enterprise HP UpgradeThis is my take on WC's TOS Enterprise hardpoint. Hope you all like :))


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Hardpoints Only Upgraded Torpedo Akira

the Torpedo Akira, in response to the Cardassian war. Weapons:8 Modified Phaser Arrays,6 Photon/Quantum/Phased Torpedo bays with boosted cap...


Hardpoints Only New HP for USS Vesta

Here is a brand new hardpoint that uses weapons and textures from Starfleet Engineering KitSo that you people , that don-t have Kobayashi Ma...