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Textures Only Tholian Texture update

An update to the Tholian webspinner which more acurately resembles the ship from TOS.


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Textures Only NX Developers Pack

Just when you thought the NX pack couldn't possibly get any better, along comes a pack to allow you to create your own registries. This fi...


Textures Only Terran Empire Galaxy Retexture Pack

Well we've all seen the I.S.S. Trinculo and the recent POTD of the I.S.S. Enterprise-D! Now Here is the Mirror 1701-D in All her Glory. This...


Textures Only Terran Empire Galaxy Retexture Pack

Here is the Second part of the Terran Galaxy Retexture Pack. This mod will overwrite the Original SNS textures. Included are an entire fleet...


Textures Only Terran Empire I.S.S. Enterprise

Here is a Mirror C2Galaxy class, the I.S.S. Enterprise ICC-1701-D. This is the Mirror Enterprise-D featured in the Star Trek novel "ST:TNG D...


Textures Only ISS Enterprise-B Terran Empire (retexture)

Here is the Mirror Universe version of the USS Enterprise B, these are only a retexture for the C2 Lakota. This ship will add terran empire...


Textures Only Terran Empire Galaxy Dreadnought

Terran Empire Retexture by JasonJaneway add's the version of the Galaxy Dreadnought to your game Requirements: CRs Galaxy Dreadnought...


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Textures Only High Resolution P81 Akira Textures

This is for those of you still using Rick Knox's Akira. This file will upgrade your default 512 textures with 1024 ones.


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Textures Only High Resolution P81 Alita Textures

This file will upgrade your P81 Alita class textures from 512x512 resolution to 1024x1024 resolution.


Textures Only 2009 Kessok Retexture

replacement High Res only texture mod for the Kessok Heavy and Kessok Light.


Textures Only 2009KessokRetextureFIX

problems.Also, there is a jpeg of the file that was causing most of the problems in case it is still corrupted.


Textures Only Arsenal retexture

the ArsenalThis is a tribute to Metal Gear Solid, wich inspired the ship to begin if your a MGS fan like myself i STRONGLY reccomend...


Textures Only USS Dauntless retexture

top impulse speed. This is the author's first Bridge Commander mod.These are RequiredJL Studios' Dauntless and all necessary files to use it...


Textures Only Weathered textures for the Corinium NX

will Need;107291


Textures Only Corinium weathered textures

Happy Christmas.


Textures Only Eclipse Class New Bussards

hoping that itworks well on yours because my system can be funny at times. Ha ha


Textures Only Babylon 5 [station] retexture



Textures Only Fed Shuttle Retexture

Readme file for more details


Textures Only U.S.S. Aventine (re-texture)

based on official design by Mark Rademaker. Here is the link of his picture:


Textures Only U.S.S. AVENTINE (RE-TEXTURES) v2.0

picture: I found in Mark Rademaker blog some new pictures of US...


Textures Only U.S.S. AVENTINE (RE-TEXTURES) final version

simulate colors of the starship's hull, include details as much as possible to the official design by Mark Rademaker and pictures of his shi...


Textures Only UPDATE FOR U.S.S. AVENTINE (RE-TEXTURES) final version (3.0)

This is a minor update to the previous Aventine Retexture's shuttle bay


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Textures Only Vesta Prototype Textures

with computers able to handle larger textures, these are Very Good, makes for good screenshots.


Textures Only Sovereign Various Bussards, Grilles and Deflector

This is Repulse Shipyards Various Sovereign Bussards, Grilles and Deflector Styles, for best experience, i suggestyou guys download the file...


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