Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Shuttles and small craft

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Shiva class HisDivineShadow 1.25MB 2,754
type 6 shuttle Starforce/Holoworks alliance 377KB 2,765
Maquis Secret Weapon(Transport) joseph delrio 175KB 1,009
Stingray Space_man51 669KB 534
rescaled type 6 Admiral_Ames 148KB 2,292
BC Peragrine Zorg / Morpheus 263KB 8,124
Maquis Raider Zorg / Morpheus 1.25MB 9,694
Type 9 shuttle Crazyhid 647KB 8,742
Delta flyer Dark Drone 4.76MB 14,911
Book's Venture Scout book 260KB 1,926
Standard Issue Federation Shuttle HP Guest 5KB 347
Rescaled Type 15 Shuttle Admiral_Ames 503KB 1,289
Warhammer Runabout Snozzlefeet 752KB 2,913
Federation Worker Bee 1.0 USS Donoghue 41KB 1,198
Danube Ship Pack Sean Kennedy 1.98MB 9,428
Worker Bee 1.1 USS Donoghue 42KB 3,942
Peregrine CMD 745KB 1,924
Fed Fighter RemanWarbird 436KB 3,468
S Type Fighter Pack Adonis 945KB 1,008
Work Bee Matsch-Klon 1.11MB 845
MJAY's TRX Starfleet Fighter MJAY 507KB 779
Galaxy Captains Yacht Mr. John 2.26MB 1,400
Captains Yacht (Sovereign) Dante/Admiral Ames 455KB 3,395
Venture Scout starforce2 292KB 1,298
Delta Flyer zeljko 745KB 3,231
Shuttle HP TZTurner 9KB 203
Icarus Assault Shuttle Collective Alliance 3.11MB 4,079
Federation Travelpod ModelsPlease / Ancient Angel 273KB 515
Starforce Productions - Type 10 "Chaffee" shuttle Variant Starforce Productions Team 612KB 659
Type 3 Shuttle from ST:V Jayru 2.38MB 796
SFP/Outalance Delta Flyer Concept Starforce Pro / Outalance 489KB 602
Davinci Shuttle Akami + SF 566KB 460
Rescaled Type 1 shuttle (TOS) MScott 255KB 279
TramShuttle Starforce Pro / Outalance 335KB 347
comdr1 MVAM Delta Flyer Commander One 7.08MB 2,144
Shuttle Type 11 g (admiral ames) Admiral Ames/Dante/Tooie32 2.94MB 1,320
fighters of the fedeation (reposting) Adonis 3.96MB 322
Type 3 Shuttle - Galileo CONOR1994 311KB 343
The Motion Picture AirTram (TMP) Adonis 1.96MB 275
Valkrie Fighter WileyCoyote 688KB 668
Federation Repairship stompaw 614KB 210
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