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Species 8472 Mothership

This is a redo of the mothership originaly posted by Idon'tknow. Hopefully this one works eh?


Species 8472 Book's Species 8472 Bioship

[This is the species 8472 bioship from Armada 2, If you feel like blasting ships left and right, or reenacting Scorpian I & II D/L now, if y...


Species 8472 Species 8472 Bioship HP

A new HP for Book's Species 8472 Bioship. Gives it a beam capable of destroying a Borg Tactical Cube.


Species 8472 Species 8472 Biopack

Here is a excellent mod pack of Species 8472 as seen in Star Trek: Voyager's benchmark episode "Scorpion Pt 1 & 2" In this mod pack You will...


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Species 8472 8472 BioFrigate

A very well done improvement to SP 8472 Frigate. The new upgrades are great. A must have For SP 8472 fans.


Species 8472 8472 Cruiser

I quite like this 8472 Cruiser. The textures are nice but look a bit smushed together. The glows fit in with the slots in the hull so that v...


Species 8472 8472 Launcher

This is a port from ST:Armada2 of the 8472 artillery vessel. It features engine sfx from the same game also. It has good maneuverablity and...


Species 8472 Biofighter 8472

A small 8472 ship, the bio fighter has way too many powerful weapons to justify it as a fighter. Although this model is a low poly port with...


Species 8472 Biofighter

A differently textured variant of the 8472 biofighter with a similar HP but minus the torpedoes. Unfortunately, the texture for this looks w...


Species 8472 Magma 8472

A very nice model, the ship is a detailed ship. The design is well made, the weapons systems are very accurate. Though the torpedoes are slo...


Species 8472 Two Bio Ships

These are my two favorite bioships, but I was disappointed with the many problems that they had when I downloaded them for the first time....


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