Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Andromedan Starbase Taldren Games 792KB 484
8472 Terrasphere Collective Alliance 9.3MB 1,926
Terran Empire's StarBase yopyop-TiqHud 6.32MB 417
FreedomIII station Guest 7.74MB 266
Kessok Space Station Guest 26.97MB 695
Terran Empire Station13 Guest 19.32MB 301
TOS Starfleet Headquarters Guest 898KB 812
JJverse Dock 'StarBase 1" Guest 8.56MB 1,071
TU Federation Starbase Guest 4.21MB 1,047
Laurlin Station Guest 11.34MB 716
Space Dock sfrd Guest 11.71MB 431
JL Studios McKinley Station Guest 8.85MB 447
TMP DryDock sfrd Guest 2.3MB 327
TU Federation Spacedock Guest 13.51MB 562
Epislon 9 Station from TMP [sfrd] Guest 4.07MB 249
JL Studios Utopia Planitia Guest 15.4MB 538
Deep Space Nine _sfrd_ Guest 32.09MB 529
A TOS version Jupiter Station _sfrd_ Guest 9.73MB 181
TOS F39 Research Station Guest 790KB 163
Midas array Guest 477KB 5,761
Starbase 329 longisland26 1.11MB 7,178
Deep Space Nine upgrade Defiant 18KB 5,594
Starbase 121 longisland26 1.99MB 1,671
USS Salem's Improved Starbase USS_SALEM 873KB 4,969
Starbase 1 longisland26 3.14MB 4,759
Star Trek: X Sovereign Dockyards C2Extreme 4.6MB 6,060
Starbase 220 longisland26 572KB 3,365
Pulse Mine and Torpedo Turret longisland26 388KB 3,334
Deep Space Nine The Pelican 614KB 12,171
DS9_Carrier Occas 25KB 3,090
FedTacBaseA1 longisland26 5.02MB 5,117
Bases Dazer 8KB 506
Federation Asteroid Starbase Guest 3.93MB 717
Unity One Guest 3.67MB 5,203
Trading Station and Cargo Mr. John 1.45MB 2,942
Jupiter Station Redragon 2.16MB 3,867
Federation War Starbase Guest 2.85MB 4,147
Phaser Turret Tooie32 813KB 2,661
Photon Turret Tooie32 982KB 2,571
Amargosa Research Observatory EQ 1.28MB 2,388
Federation Starbase Replacement Zorg / Morpheus 5.65MB 6,034
Space Station K-7 CMD 637KB 1,670
SFC3 Federation Listening Post Rob Archer 308KB 414
Federation Tactical Starbase Ermey 1.26MB 536
SFR-301 Maverick Space Station TIQHUD 1.14MB 359
Outpost152 TIQHUD 415KB 429
McKinley Station Capitan_Picard 2.03MB 1,021
Federation StarBase 347 TIQHUD 537KB 813
Asteriod Base TIQHUD 836KB 717
Deep Space 12 cordanilus-TiqHud 2.02MB 471
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