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Stations Andromedan Starbase

This is a new Andromedan Starbase, it has plenty of pulse weapons beam weapons and torpedoes


Stations 8472 Terrasphere

This is a wonderful rendition of the Terrasphere, a station where species 8472 trained it's troops to impersonate humans and high prof...


Stations Terran Empire's StarBase

Terran Empire StarBase orginial by Zorg/Morpheus, with the Terran Empire retexture by yopyop using stock BC weaponary setup to be low-end...


Stations FreedomIII station

TiqHud)Assigned to Region Three Note: the author said "I tried to stay as close to stock on the weapons, as could, this is a not exactcopy o...


Stations Kessok Space Station

quality textures.I've also included a small drydock base for Kessok Ships to refuel and rearm themselves.


Stations Terran Empire Station13

this, and Enjoy the pics


Stations TOS Starfleet Headquarters

TOS Starfleet Headquarters from the Strafleet Technical Manaual.This Starbase is balanced for the TOS EraARMAMENT18 Phaser Banks12 Photon To...


Stations JJverse Dock 'StarBase 1"

station it is a very important federation installation.In 2258 the Starships Uss Enterprise, USS Farragut, USS Truman, USS Wolcott, USS Anta...


Stations TU Federation Starbase

out of proportion. So, I took the usual modding attitude and decided to make one myself that I was content with.This new Starbase is more ac...


Stations Laurlin Station

being salvaged others being discarded.A few star-bases were taken over by civilian authorities and reconfigured for different uses ranging f...


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Stations Space Dock sfrd, read the readmes and especially the requirements.


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Stations JL Studios McKinley Station

those who enjoy maps and screenshot making.


Stations TMP DryDock sfrd

recently released by Starfleet the readmes and especially the requirements.


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Stations TU Federation Spacedock

detailed and higher-resolution recreation of the Federation Spacedock, based on footage in Star Trek III and VI.This should work with all ve...


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Stations Epislon 9 Station from TMP [sfrd]

potential danger of Vger.By showing how easily it subdooed three Klingon Battle the readmes and especially the requirements.


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Stations JL Studios Utopia Planitia

Where the Galaxy Class Starships were built. Oh DR Leah Brahms worked.Geordi recreated the work room from Utopia Planitia in the TNG episode...


Stations SFRD Jupiter Station (23rd Century)



No Screenshot
Stations TOS F39 Research Station

stations or surface facilities.Research stations often performed scientific research that was too dangerous to conduct in populated areas. S...


Federation Midas array

Wonderfull looking midas array from startrek voyager. This would be a great item for mission progrgammers to use in their missions. I have e...


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Federation Starbase 329

Straight from The Dominion Wars and Armada 2 comes the Federation Tactical Starbase329. This Base is best used for Deep sector and Front lin...


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Federation Deep Space Nine upgrade

This mod upgrades the stock cardassian starbase (or nor type station) to DS9. Weapons have canon locations, including the rapid fire torpedo...


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Federation Starbase 121

Another starbase from Longisland26. Not has hard to take down as his Klingon station, but still a pain in the butt. This is a great file peo...


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Federation USS Salem's Improved Starbase

This is the full version of USS Salem's Starbase upgrade. The last one was missing the hardpoint file. List time I saw this, I really t...


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Federation Starbase 1

This is an excellent addition to Starfleet's Support Operations. This Starbase is streamlined to handle any incusion in to Federation space....