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TMP 1701A HP Fix

This well fix the HP problems with the 1701 A. This mod fix does require the ship installed you can get it here


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TMP Elminster's Miranda Update

Here is a Update to the Miranda Class. The weapon arcs on the Miranda's Mega Phaser's firing arcs have been improved. The Aft Torpedo launch...


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TMP C2 Soyuz Hardpoint Update

Words from the author: The updates include: Much stronger hull and systems, Tougher shields, more torpedoes, dual-fire phasers whi...


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TMP P81 Miranda Overhaul

This is a wonderfully done Hardpoint by Starforce productions for P81s Miranda. It corrects many problems with the original Hardpoints and c...


TMP Hickman Overhaul

This is a overhaul of the USS Hickman, Its a Miranda variant with no Torpedos, but it boasts High Powered Phasers from the Pod section. This...


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TMP P81 Miranda Correction HP

This is a handy hardpoint correction that fixes the problems with hull properties for p81's Miranda model. You can either download this or...


TMP Kirkncc1701 Soyuz HP

Here's a hardpoint update to C2's Soyuz class which was very under-powered. This arms the Soyuz with pulse weapons, phasers mounted on the...


TMP Excelsior refit re-texture & HP

This features a slight re-texture and a new Hardpoint for the Enterprise-B by Dreamarts team. The HP requires the Starforce Productions TMP...


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TMP Alohaman's C2constellation Upgrade

This replaces the original hardpoint that shipped with C2's Constellation class. The phasers are replaced with more canon (if a little to...


TMP Constitution MVAM power mod

Useing the MVAM system, this allows you to run a Constitution refit ingame with the deflector in reduced power mod.


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TMP HP update for P81's Connie

Updated Version of the Hardpoint realigned the Damage icons


TMP Miranda Class Hardpoints

Here is a updated version of P81's Miranda Class. Here Damage icons have been rearranged and NanoFX2_b Running Lights / Blinkers have been...


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TMP HP update for P81's NCC-1701-A

Blinkers + aligned damage icons


TMP HP update for Khaliban's NCC-1701-A

Blinkers + aligned damage icons


TMP Ashes of Eden Enterprise

This is the Enterprise A as portrayed in the novel Ashes of Eden - sth about the ship: after the enterprise beeing paid off (after s...


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TMP C2 constellation TMP hp

Here is a update (new HardPoint) for a ship from the TMP era, it updates several of the Phasers and torpedos. You need to read the readme...


TMP Minotaur replacement

This vessel is an excelsior bash of a type B in a similar configuration to the DS9 Centaur. This ship will replace the earlier minotaur with...


TMP Midway Carrier HP (NanoFX Blinkers)

Here is a hardpoint file that will add lots of NanoFX lights on to the Midway Carrier, this will make it look more realistic in game. Howeve...


TMP SFRD Kobayashi Maru TMP Vessel

We Present to you a TMP vessel the Kobayashi Maru


TMP SFRD Destoyed NCC-1701



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