Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Galaxy II OptimusPrimeX 339KB 5,887
Unoffical Rick Knox's Galaxy Improvement Deathscythe 10KB 1,171
Exeter's Advanced Galaxy Phasers 1.0 Exeter 3.44MB 2,160
Exeter's Defiant Patch 2.0 Exeter 9KB 2,369
Exeter's Gal/Neb Update for BC Orgional Ships Exeter 3.46MB 2,010
Exeter's Unofficial Game Balanced Galaxy/Nebula for Knox Exeter 468KB 1,180
Exeter's Unofficial Intrepid HP mod Exeter 14KB 1,405
Venzon's Weapon Upgrade For Knox's Akira Venzon 42KB 1,794
Saber Harpoint file Guest 13KB 1,091
Ceres Achilles Ceres 65KB 291
Elminsters Nova Update Elminster 17KB 550
Elminsters Steamrunner Upgrade Elminster 15KB 638
Omega Starfleet HP Pack -=|Vulture|=- 686KB 418
Lezta's Intrepid Stock Balanced HP's v1.0 Lezta 11KB 369
Nova Class HP Upgrade Durandal 8KB 812
Defiant upgrade starforce2 7KB 1,081
Admiral Alou's Unofficial Intrepid Patch Admiral Alou 13KB 910
Admiral Alou's Unofficial New Orlean's Patch Admiral Alou 10KB 433
Galaxy-X Upgrade Admiral Tosh 16KB 1,188
Elminster's Ambassador upgrade Elminster 8KB 1,103
Sovereign Torpedo System (Rapid Fire) Guest 9KB 1,098
Admiral Alou's Unofficial P81 Alita Hardpoints Admiral Alou 9KB 121
9 of 9 Unofficial Defiant Upgrade Deezired 7KB 1,745
Thudnerchild Saber hardpoint Thunderchild 9KB 147
Ambush Shuttle ricksgod 489KB 163
Mayhems Defiant upgrade mayhemuk 9KB 330
Canon Hardpoint pack The Pelican 534KB 568
Olympic Upgrade GIANT_JOHNSON 12 7KB 554
Lakota Refit source unknown 28KB 539
Sovereign Hardpoint Upgrade Aaron158 1KB 807
Improved Galaxy class SDBilly 23KB 671
Rebalanced Hardpoints DOSMAN 183KB 348
Elminsters Intrepid Update Elminster 22KB 1,086
Sovereign (Nemesis Refit) The Pelican 102KB 2,167
Galaxy X modification Trashman 15KB 427
Commercial Delta Flyer Admiral_Fearnley 15KB 1,673
Elminster's Prometheus Update Elminster 13KB 2,371
Defiant Class USS Valiant Blackrook32 20KB 2,038
Weapons Mod Capt_Lucas 23KB 276
Sovereign Mod Robert MacLeod 9KB 707
Joxbos Ambassador Upgrade Joxbo 90KB 340
Nemeises Soveriegn HP Pentserv22 20KB 2,138
Hawkeye Nemisis sov update Turkina's 76KB 319
Achilies rebalance Crazyhid 25KB 259
Executioners Achilies Hardpoint Sci-Fi Dreamyards 50KB 263
Elminsters Sovereign Update Elminster 12KB 1,421
Battle Nova drunkpuppy86 2.9MB 966
SDBilly Galaxy X SDBilly 11KB 265
SD billy's Venture hardpoint SDBilly 11KB 127
SCorpion2 rebalance starbright 13KB 173
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