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Torpedoes Photon and Quantum Sound MOD for Demo

Gives you new sounds that do sound more realistic to how the torpedos should sound when fired.


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Torpedoes Quantum Torpedo Sounds

Here is a different sound for the quantum torpedoes instead of that stupid hissing sound they make. I like this one alot. I recomend a DL.


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Torpedoes Torpedo Sounds

These are TNG Photon and Quantum torpedo sounds. I didnt notice any real big changes from the other version I had but you must give it a try...


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Torpedoes Kessok Torpedo sounds

Get rid of the annoyingly crap stock positron torpedo effect. This mod will give you 2 choces of sound, and both are better than the origina...


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Torpedoes Elite Force Quantum

2 Quantums sounds. He's named them so they overwrite both stock and JLH torpedoes.


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Torpedoes DS9 Torpedo Sounds

This sfx mod basiclly mimics the Fed Torpedo sounds heard on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. This mod "will" overwrite your Standard(...


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Torpedoes CG Sound

This file replaces the weapon sound effects for CG's Soveriegn. Although the Quantum sound does not sound very much different from existing...


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Torpedoes Turd Torpedo

Because everybody would love to be able to fire turds out the launch tubes!Doesn't do a lot of damage, but does drain shields, because I mea...


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