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TOS DY-500 Weapons Upgrade

this is an update for the DY-500 vessel wich gives it "5 Atomic missiles that do 5000 damage and 30 missiles that do 300 damage. to insta...


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TOS Blinkers for Anduril's TOS Constitution

This hp will add blinking lights to the TOS Constituion at


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TOS Fed Dreadnought HP update

Some icon realignment for the ship:;41971


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TOS HP update for Anduril's TOS Connie

Updated Version of the Hardpoint realigned the Damage icons and blinkers from previous version


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TOS HP update for K-7 Station

This HP will add Blinkers to the station


TOS TOS Constitution Pack w/ Doomsday Machine

This is a "rebalancing" of the original ZZ_TOS Constitution Pack and ZZ_Doomsday Machine. Here the missing Sound effect for the ZZ_Doomsday...


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TOS TiqHud Surya fix

This file fixes an issue with a misnamed folder in the previous Surya release.


TOS Shuttle Launch for TOS akira

Here is a shuttle Launch setup for the, TOS Akira by Wiley Coyote, this will launch the Type1 shuttle rescaled by MScott required files...


TOS Destroyat Class Mod Pack (TOS)

The Detroyat Class is armed with FTech, but configured to the TOS era, using reflector shields. This is the counter to the Romulan plasma di...


TOS SFSY Origins Miranda Class TOS

Tos Origins Miranda Class


TOS SFSY Origins Rayfield Class TOS

TOS Origins Rayfield Class


TOS SFSY Origins Kelvin Class TOS

TOS Origins Kelvin Class Late TOS era


TOS Flowrellik's Crossfield Class Pack

2 Crossfield Class models: 1 from Star Trek: Discover and a hypothetical refit for the TOS era.Model by Flowrellik and HPs by CaesarGorandiu...


TOS New DoomsDay Machine

Hey Guys Sci Fi Here I have Tweaked The Hardpoints For The DoomsDay Machine  which is now more Menacing   Than Before! So what i d...


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