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TOS Vessels TOS Carrier

An Okay ship looks odd for a federation ship to have 3 nacelles. This ship Requires the BC Mod Installer 1.3


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TOS Vessels Anduril's TOS Constitution class USS Enterprise

This is a wonderful old school ship from Anduril. All of the sounds are dead on right, and it has the right number of phaser banks. It does...


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TOS Vessels USS Eagle

This ship looks a lot like the TOS Constitution already on the site. But that is were the similarities end. As stated in the read-me, this s...


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TOS Vessels Anduril's U.S.S. Nagumo

This is a version of the Saladin Destroyer from the TOS manual. Were to begin with this ship? From the grid lines, to the weapon fire soun...


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TOS Vessels Andurils USS Pheonix

This is Andurils TOS Constitution class prototype. Built on NX technology. It has very nice hull textures. Nice detail and is balanced with...


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TOS Vessels Andurils Saladin Class

This is the sister ship to the Nagumo, it has very subtle differences, primarilly the deflector mount. If you like the Nagumo you will like...


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TOS Vessels Rescalled Damasco's constitutionTOS mod

This mod is a rescale of Damasco's constitutionTOS mod V4 making this ship far more realistic and improving gameplay greatly.


TOS Vessels SS Aurora

The shuttlecraft Aurora. One of the oddball models that came out of TOS by sticking wings and nacelles on a backwards Tholian model.


TOS Vessels TOS Steamrunner

This is a very nice TOS Steamrunner. It has great textures and if you have NanoFX the blinkers work!


TOS Vessels USS Sacrament

This is a cool TOS Kitbash called the USS Sacrement. It has two secondary hulls and two shuttlebays. If you have NanoFX the lights flash too...


TOS Vessels USS Dixieland

This is my favorite of the new kitbashes by Neokaede. Its the USS Dixieland, a very cool Cruiser. and with NanoFX the Blinkers work!


TOS Vessels Daedalus class

Here we have a Deadelus class starship which was one of the very first designs for the TOS Enterprise as sketched by Matt Jeffries. The mode...


TOS Vessels Yamamoto Class

A TOS era Federation Dreadnought. Built upon the design elements of the original Constitution Class, this ship is capable of going up agains...


TOS Vessels TOS Supermod: Basic Feds

This is a beta release from Starforce Production. This TOS ship pack contains a total of nine Lord Schtupp models. Six Saladin Class variant...


TOS Vessels Kestrel SFM Light Cruiser

Kestrel Light Cruiser from SF Museum


TOS Vessels Longbow Torpedo Cruiser TOS

Federation Longbow Torpedo Cruiser TOS


TOS Vessels TOS Constitution Pack

8 ships spanning 56 years of Constitution history (2214-2270). From the smaller Republic to the modern Endeavor (alternate version of the T...


TOS Vessels Doomsday Machine

The Connie pack is out and the Damaged Connie wouldn't be complete without its nemesis. So here it is: The Planet Killer. The Doomsday Ma...


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TOS Vessels Doomsday Machine missing SFX

Missing weapon sound for the Doomsday Machine that's here:;39970


TOS Vessels TOS USS Defiant

This is the USS Defiant - Constitution Class, from the two Star Trek episodes, including Enterprise Season 4 - In A Mirror Darkly and Star T...


TOS Vessels Federation Dreadnought TOS

Here is a TOS style Federation Dreadnought, it is a powerful vessel for its time and is balanced against other vessels of the same era. This...


TOS Vessels Icon Class - USS Garth

Another great TOS design by Atolm, a tribute to Lord Garth of Izar. The Garth Command Cruiser.


TOS Vessels TOS - USS Defiant

This Is the Constitution Class USS Defiant as seen in the TOS Episode "The Tholian Web" and more recently in the Enterprise Episode "In a...


TOS Vessels TOS Surya

Here is the Suryatos, a TOS version of the Miranda Class starship. This ship is armed with weapons of the period, including several phaser b...


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