Star Trek: Bridge Commander
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Polarised Photon Guest 1KB 996
Nova Torpedo USS Phenix 135KB 3,906
Tri-Cobalt Torpedoes Rhyto 56KB 1,451
Voyager Torpedo Mod Bronzescooby 41KB 1,912
Cloak Pack USS Phenix 179KB 5,521
Torpedo Package -=|Vulture|=- 79KB 5,491
Thud Torpedo Adm. Roberts 9KB 944
2 federation torpedos Guest 2KB 1,541
Transphasic Torpedo Armel 167KB 848
Cannon Quantum Torpedos C2Extreme 178KB 5,545
Omega Torps Guest 2KB 470
Power Torpedos Guest 629KB 816
Tetryon Torpedo [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 120KB 541
Ds9 Photon Torpedo Dante 103KB 2,138
Subspace Torpedo Sneaker98 11KB 964
Tri-Cobalt Torpedo Sneaker98 31KB 1,494
P81 Voyager Photon replacement USS Amsterdam 5KB 887
2 Photon torpedo's Admiral Belisarius 3KB 702
Ducats Photon Replacement Darek Ducat 66KB 749
Radioactive Torpedo Chancellor Martok 48KB 348
Spatial Charges Sneaker98 667KB 997
X Y Z Torpedoes Hary74656 14KB 234
Imperial Quantum torpedo Dante 55KB 851
Dark Matter Torpedoes [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 109KB 2,232
Plasma Torpedo Decoy 136KB 598
Quantum Flux Torpedo Crazyhid 616B 539
Transphasic Torpedos NX-Armada 153KB 2,456
TNG Torpedo [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 36KB 457
Trilithium Torpedo [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 78KB 565
Temporal phase torpedo [SE] Cpt. Odyssey 38KB 936
Cloaked Mines mldaalder 92KB 1,510
W2-Destroyers Mesa 6KB 276
Quantum Replacement USS_SALEM 108KB 1,567
Resonance torpedo DarkViper240 2KB 395
Defiant Pulse Cannon Fix mayhemuk 5KB 2,816
Omega Torpedo Anonymus 53KB 469
Yellow torpedo Crazyhid 848B 146
Romulan quantum Guest 1KB 204
Tractor Beam Package Captain Guzda 18KB 889
Add Transphasic torpedos to the stock Sov TerraGT 10KB 7,505
Cpt 2xtreme Nemesis Quantums C2Extreme 129KB 2,552
Tri Lithium Torpedo Guest 68KB 554
Generatons Federation and klingon projectiles starbright 4KB 1,128
Proton Shift Torp Cap'n Galactic 86KB 333
Nemesis Torpedo Mod (USEA) Cpt. Odyssey 126KB 1,177
Omega Torpedo excal27 903KB 204
Starbrights Quantum Torpedo starbright 445KB 680
Sub Particle torpedo Admiral Abrahams 8KB 292
Omega torpedo Williams 1KB 406
Magno torpedo Corny 51KB 630
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