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Weapons Mod Polarised Photon

This mod will allow you to choose which torpedo it replaces, which is a good, because otherwise you cant say which ship you can use it with....


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Weapons Mod Nova Torpedo

Well, USS Phenix has brought out a competely new version of his Nova mod... He has been reading all your comments & changed it as appropr...


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Weapons Mod Tri-Cobalt Torpedoes

This is the Extra Options Edition for the Tri-Cobalt Torpedoes.


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Weapons Mod Voyager Torpedo Mod

This with add a new type of torpedo to Bridge Commander, the Voyager Torpedo. It includes its own sounds.


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Weapons Mod Cloak Pack

Ever wanted to cloak the Sovereign or a Transport? Now you can! USS Phenix has brought out another mod, in this mod you can decide which...


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Weapons Mod Torpedo Package

This kool mod, will give you Tri-Cobolt, Transphasic, Antimatter-Phased, Fusion and Ionic Torpedoes. As well as two new sounds, for the Tri-...


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Weapons Mod Thud Torpedo

An extremely strong torpedo...Kills a Starbase with 1 shot.


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Weapons Mod 2 federation torpedos

Info: This includes the Polarised Photon Torpedo and a new Enhanced Quantum Torpedo. The Polarised Photon is the same as before and the En...


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Weapons Mod Transphasic Torpedo

This is an interesting looking version of the Transphasic Torpedo but it looks cool.


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Weapons Mod Cannon Quantum Torpedos

Ever want the Quantum torpedos seen in Star Trek First Contact the Cannon Torpedos. Well now you can Cpt 2xtreme has just came out with t...


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Weapons Mod Omega Torps

These Omega torps are a great new alternative wepons mod for Bridge Commander!!! Get the SDK plugin here


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Weapons Mod Power Torpedos

These are Nice Looking Torpedos, But they are a bit to powerful. They completly ignore the shields and take a chunk out of the enemys hu...


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Weapons Mod Tetryon Torpedo

This is a Prototype torpedo called the Tetryon Torpedo, It was desighned to fight the borg ships and was loaded on the Prometheus, Though ne...


Weapons Mod Ds9 Photon Torpedo

This is a Deep Space 9 version of the Photon Torpedo. It will replace for the stock Photon Torpedo. It does not alter the damage or any othe...


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Weapons Mod Subspace Torpedo

This is a SubspaceTorpedo modifcation. Theoreticaly the torpedo launches into a subspace demension untill just before impact. The torpedo ca...


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Weapons Mod Tri-Cobalt Torpedo

This is Sneaker98s new Tricobalt torpedo. He as got it as canon as possible to the voyager epiosode that shows these torps. I just like the...


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Weapons Mod P81 Voyager Photon replacement

This mod contains only a texture file. You need only to replace it as shown in the readme to get a yellowish, voyager style torpedo for p81\...


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Weapons Mod 2 Photon torpedo's

This gives 2 versions of a brilliant yellow-orange torpedo. One is an extremely fast low damage torpedo. It has a launch speed of 38, which...


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Weapons Mod Ducats Photon Replacement

Want a more interesting torpedo? This torpedo will replace the stock one with a nice, bright orange one. Now it doesn't nessecarily look fed...


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Weapons Mod Radioactive Torpedo

This is the radioactive torpedo mod. Its a nice looking torpedo and is not too powerful either. A good general use torpedo. Original torpedo...


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Weapons Mod Spatial Charges

Well here is another fine weapons mod from Sneaker98. The Spatial Charges as seen in Voyager episode "Night" They are invisable untill the...


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Weapons Mod X Y Z Torpedoes

These are new torpedoes each with it's own "hit to damage" ratio. The X Type torpedo has the faster speed, but no noticable improved damage....


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Weapons Mod Imperial Quantum torpedo

This is a brilliant red torpedo originaly designed specificly for Starforce productions Klingon-Federation hybrid. It does 1500 damage, and...


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Weapons Mod Dark Matter Torpedoes

These are Dark Matter Torpedoes. They are very powerfull at 1400 Damage! They look really cool ingame too! Get em now while they last! :)


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