2 Photon torpedo's

This gives 2 versions of a brilliant yellow-orange torpedo. One is an extremely fast low damage torpedo. It has a launch speed of 38, which...


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This gives 2 versions of a brilliant yellow-orange torpedo. One is an extremely fast low damage torpedo. It has a launch speed of 38, which is slightly faster than the antimatter torpedo used by the cardasian hybrids. 400 damage per hit. The second is a 1500 damage torpedo, slightly stronger than the klingon and quantum torpeods (1400 and 900-1200 respectivley) but it's very slow, witha speed of only 9. This means it acts similar to the positron torpedo of the kessok, without the tracing ability. When it does it, it does alot of damage.

I think the speed of the heavy torpedo can be brought up a bit, as the modded torpoeds are stronger than stock, so basicly this is an inferior torpedo. A klingon torpedo is almost a sure hit and does 1400 damage and is much faster. Might want to rethink the stats. But lickily, editing py for a torpedo speed and damage is very easy to do if you wish to change something.

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Download 'new_photon_torpedoes.zip' (3KB)

Enhanced and Heavy Photon Torpedoes

This package gives you two variations on the standard Photon Torpedo:

Enhanced Photon Torpedo:

This version is faster and more accurate, but less damaging than the
standard photon torpedo.  Generally intended for sniping...long range
pinpoint attacks.  It also does a good job of keeping those Romulans
off your tail. It's very fun to play with.  I've nailed escaped pods
from 60 km away. :)

Heavy Photon Torpedo:

Very innaccurate, very slow, but does 3 times the damage of a standard
photon, about twice what a standard quantum does.  Really meant for
assaulting starbases, like the mega torps the Negh'var used in DS9. In
testing, I actually MISSED a Borg Sphere from 20 km.  But when it does
hit, it does a good job of disabling whatever you targeted.

These are NOT Mega Torpedoes!  You can and will still get your butt kicked!
Just I think these torps are a lot more fun.


1. unzip the file
2. Copy EnhPhotonTorpedo.py and HeavyPhotonTorpedo.py into
your Bridge Commander\scripts\Tactical\Projectiles folder.
3. Open up the hardpoint file for the ship you want to add
the torps to in Notepad.
4. Find the Torpedoes section in the hardpoint file.
5. Comment out the current torpedoes.  To do this find lines:
  Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(0, 200)
  Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(0, "Tactical.Projectiles.PhotonTorpedo")

  And add a hashmark ("#") to the beginning of each so they look like

#Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(0, 200)
#Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(0, "Tactical.Projectiles.PhotonTorpedo")

Do that for any other torpedoes the ship has, too.

6.  Add the new torps by pasting in the new lines.

	These are the lines I use for my GalaxyX hardpoints file:

	Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(0, 300)
	Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(0, "Tactical.Projectiles.EnhPhotonTorpedo")
	Torpedoes.SetMaxTorpedoes(1, 50)
	Torpedoes.SetTorpedoScript(1, "Tactical.Projectiles.HeavyPhotonTorpedo")

    Save and close the hardpoint file, start up Bridge Commander and select the
ship in Quick Battle.  The torps will NOT work in multiplayer.

Have fun!

Admiral Belisarius

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