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this file and the following files, are retexture upgrade for those that have the Chris Jones Sol System or Kobayashi Maru 0.9.x, if you are...


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File Description

this file and the following files, are retexture upgrade for those that have the Chris Jones Sol System or Kobayashi Maru 0.9.x, if you are fortunate to have the Sol System,these will update the planets textures, they provide some stunning views.

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Download '2048x.zip' (19.46MB)

Title		: Sol-System Texture Upgrade
Filename	: 2048x.zip
Version	: 1.0
Date		: 31/07/2006
Author of Files	: Project Avalanche   for   Starfleet-Operations e.V.
Email		: [email protected]

Requirements and installation
Chris Jones SolSystem or Kobayashi Maru 0.9.x
Just unpack and past in your BC folder.
Don't forget to backup your old files if you want to have the possibility to change back to smaller textures.

Technical Details
----------------- This is the third of a three package series to upgrade the textures of the Solar System.
I separated this in several packages so that everyone can choose himself what he like or PC can handle.
I've tested the 2048 textures on a 1.7GHz, 256MB, ATI9200 system and the frame counter just only dropped one frame per second against the old 512 texture !!!
With the 2048x package the earth is now good enough to recognise the river Nil when being in orbit 8-)

The included screenshots show:
standardkm.jpg - Earth in standard Kobayashi Maru.
1024nanofx.jpg - Package 1024 earth texture with stock NanoFx clouds.
2048nanofx.jpg - Package 2048 earth texture with stock NanoFx clouds.
2048mine.jpg - Package 2048 earth texture with new 512 Class-M Planet clouds.

This is the 2048x package including Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Merkury, Moon.

The packages are:
Original KobaMaru________512x__________1024x________2048x

Earth 1024x512_________________________1024x512_____2048x1024
Jupiter 512x256________________________1024x512_____2048x1024
Mars 256x256_____________512x256_______1024x512_____2048x1024
Merkury 1024x512_______________________1024x512_____2048x1024
Neptune 512x256________________________1024x512
Saturn 256x256___________512x256_______1024x512
Uranus 256x256___________512x256_______1024x512
Venus 512x256__________________________1024x512
Pluto 256x256____________sorry, no high quality real photos existing

Moon 512x256___________________________1024x512_____2048x1024
Ariel 256x256____________512x256_______1024x512
Callisto 512x256_______________________1024x512
Charon 256x256___________sorry, didn't found a useable pic
Dione 256x128____________512x256_______1024x512
Europa 512x256_________________________1024x512
Ganymed 512x256________________________1024x512
Io 512x256_____________________________1024x512
Oberon 256x256___________512x256
Rhea 256x128_____________512x256_______1024x512
Tethys 256x128___________512x256_______1024x512
Titan 128x128____________512x256_______1024x512
Titania 256x256__________512x256
Triton 256x256___________512x256
Umbriel 256x256__________512x256

Starfleet-Operations e.V. - StarTrek liverolleplay - playing BC on a (nearly) real Bridge
Example Pic:  http://www.starfleet-operations.de/bilder/schlachtumcardassia/54_Siloks%20Sicht.jpg

Thanks to NanoByte for NanoFX.
Thanks to Chris Jones for his SolSystem.
Thanks to Defiant for QB and Kobayashi Maru.

Everyone has the right to change this files to his personal need.
If someone want to use this files in his own MOD, please send my a short mail - I just want to know where it is used 8-)

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