25th Century Red Alert

Here is a 25th century Red Alert for your enjoyment. Cheers!


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Here is a 25th century Red Alert for your enjoyment. Cheers!

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--------------------------------READ ME FOR 25CENTURY KLAXON-------------------------------
|											  |
| This sound is from the USS Century, an Arrowhead Class starship. Designed by Section31  |
| For top secret missions. Century never got to be top secret because of the federations  |
| 25 Century new years event the only starship in dry dock being built was S.S. FireDragon|
| a section 31 war ship. FireDragon was converted and renamed two monthes befor new years.|
| Now you can have the Klaxon of the Arrowhead Class. The most powerful ship in the fleet.|

This sound is from USS Century from the screenplay, StarTrek: Century 25. Please do not copy
or edit with out written permission. Do not redistribute this file without this readme. If
you are intrested in this sound please wait, USS Century: Arrowhead class warship will be 
coming to Bridge Commander soon.

-----------!TO INSTALL!-----------
Extract this zip file to your Bridge Commander directory.
If it askes you to over right click yes. Start up bridge commander and start red alert. If 
you hear the sound it works!

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