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Replace the bitchy saffi with the sultry seven!! Amazing mod, good it gets rid of saffi, but cant you get rid of the voice too? ;)



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Replace the bitchy saffi with the sultry seven!! Amazing mod, good it gets rid of saffi, but cant you get rid of the voice too? ;)

This has to be the fastest rerealse of a mod ever! In this version Leigh has compeleted the wardrobe.

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Download 'sevenuniforms.zip' (2.54MB)

SEven of nine has matured lost a couple of implants and as part of exploring the world s of human experience open to her after
returing from voyager had become your special commisioned first officer
or something Version2!!!

This is an update of the work I did on a custom seven skin for the first
officer. This mod you get to choose which uniform you want seven to be sittin around in.
silver (the costume that caused poor old Jeri Ryan to pass out four times!!
this was dropped for thedark grey one, i think this was only worn for
a couple of episodes and the blue, purple and brown variations of the
same cut. The silver one turned out better than I hoped:)
skinners secret I created the uniforms using lots of reference
materials from the net and videos, but I only really worked on the
grey one, creating the contours in the suit an textures.
Then in my photoshop style program I changed the colur properties
Cheating? NO 'cos that virtually what they did on the tvshow! Sevens
costume was created by having a corset made out of a wire like material
over which was stretch the sparkly fabric was stretched. while the
colour of the fabric changed occassionally the fit and the shape it
made over the mesh stayed the same (got all that of a bbc trek site)

Star trek Trivia in your readme file! Now on with the instructions(these are nice 
and explicit, so that peeps might be able to learn how to skin if they are new to this)...


Short version: unzip and  copy the data folder into your bridgecommander directory
go to the data\models\characters\heads\headsaffi and the
data\models\characters\bodies\bodyfems\ and swap/rename the appropriate files over!!

More USEFULL version:

the basic priciple in installing this file is to rename the files you 
want to match the files for the first officers texture and then copy 
them over into the right folders so they replace said texture files.

1. Unzip the file to your desktop. You should now have a folder called
 data on your desktop.

2. Copy this folder into your c:\ProgramFiles\Activision\BridgeCommander\ 
folder, either with the right click copy or cut command or by dragging 
it across. The computer will probably warn you that you already have a data
folder in that directory, just click yes, as it will do no harm.

3.Now comes the slightly more complicated part go into your
You will find a selection of new files called
FedFemRed_body_sevensilver.tga these are the texture files for seven's costumes

More importantly you will find a file called "FedFemRed_body.tga" this is 
the first officers uniform texture file.

4. Create a new folder and move "FedFemRed_body.tga" into it, so you can restore
the old file whenever you want.

5. Rename whichever of the seven of nine textures you want as "FedFemRed_body.tga" 
(it's pretty obvious from the file name which file is which costume).

Half way there!!

6. No go into the
folder where you will find two new folders:
"Nogloves" contains the gloveless(my other 7of9 skin was wearing gloves)
collarless head of seven. "Colar1" has all the textures for the collared neck 
worn with the original silver uniform.

7. Create a new folder and move all the .TGA files in the
folder into it (again to save them so you can restore them later) APART from the
files: "Mouth.tga" and "Head.tga"

8. copy all the files from either the colar1 or nogloves folder into 

9. start up bridge commander and indulge your seven of nine as first officer fantasies!

thanks to all the peeps who downloded my original 7of9 file and thanks for their
suggestions please don't rip my file off or use it commercially or you will 
be a bad person and probably go to hell. And you will hurt my feelings.
Oh and my friend is a kick ass lawyer and an expert on copyright law (well UK 
copyright law anyway). most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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