8472 Cruiser

I quite like this 8472 Cruiser. The textures are nice but look a bit smushed together. The glows fit in with the slots in the hull so that v...


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I quite like this 8472 Cruiser. The textures are nice but look a bit smushed together. The glows fit in with the slots in the hull so that very cool. I have to say it is a worthy download. :)

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Species 8472 Cruiser Readme

This ship is the Species 8472 Cruiser, seen in Armada II. 

Nifty HP features:
1. All systems have neat little biological names
2. In the energy screen at Brex's station there is a "heartbeat" effect

Overall Credit: USS_Premonition

Model & Ship Textures: Activision and Maddoc Software (Armada II)
Model Conversion to .NIF: USS_Premonition
Weapon Texture (BBeam.tga): USS_Premonition
Icon: USS_Premonition
Scripts: USS_Premonition

Known Bugs:

Icon is not Alpha Channeled. Sorry, but I'm not sure how to do that with Microsoft PhotoDraw V2. If anyone could tell me, I'd be very happy.
Bio-Pulse Conduit does not have the proper sound. I am not sure where to get it, but if I ever do I will release an update for the ship.

In making my Hardpoints and Ship files, I tend to use other's scripts as a template, before reworking them to fit my needs. I can alter HPs
fine, but I cannot create them from scratch, or even with the GenericTemplate. Something always goes wrong, and I like to already have
values to tweak. So, in the making of this ship, I borrowed off of the scripts for Book's 8472 Scout, found in his Biopack, V2. The HP has 
been customized to fit the Cruiser. I'm not sure why, but I though that I should mention this.

Old Jokes, Converted to the Star Trek Universe:

1. Harry Kim walks into Voyager's Sickbay, and says to The Doctor, "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." The Doctor says "Don't do that."
2. Take my Klingon... please!
3. I just flew in from Starbase 12 and boy, are my arms tired!!!
5. Last year, I went to Deneb IV on a Safari and shot a Denebian Slime Devil in my pajamas. What he was doing in my pajamas I'll never 

The Funniest Joke in the Universe, Originally told by Morn, Translated into Tribble! (Some changes made to adjust for the lingual differences)
(The Funniest Joke In The Universe is mentioned in "The Making of DS9," published by Pocket Books, availible somewhere)

Chirp. Chirpchirp... Chirp! Chirpy chirpchirp. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp-chirp. Chirp. Chirpchirpchirp; Chirpy!
(Hysterical Tribble Laughter)

Credit for these joke conversions goes to: 

1, 3 & 5: USS_Premonition
2: USS_Premonition's Mother
4: A Web Site
Translation of Funniest Joke: USS_Premonition

If you wish to contact me, please do so at BCPremonition@hotmail.com.

Nothing included in this mod, including anything in the readme, may be used by anyone besides myself without my permission. I will probably
say yes, I'd just appreciate it if you contact me. That, and I have no social life.

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