9of9 Defiant hardpoint upgrade



A hardpoint that will increase the speed and turn rate of 9of9's Defiant. Also the pulse cannons will recharge faster and do more damage.



9 of 9's Defiant hp edit

[General Informations:]
Name:	        9 of 9 Defiant hps
Date:		NOV 25, 2004
Author:		Tooie32
E-mail:		[email protected]
MSN Messanger:  [email protected]

I have edited 9 of 9's hps and Davids hps for the defiant. 

I have added more damage to the pulse cannons to give a better punch and to say to give the defiant sharp teeth. Also the sounds know work for the pulse cannons. 

One thing why the sounds don't work is that the sound scripts for the sound file were not in the right place. I have added that when you installed the hp edit the script will be in the right place.

All you need to do is to copy the script folder to the main BC folder thats it. To be safe you need to backup your Defiant hp first.

Tooie32: Hp edits
Dave Roberts: hp edits on turning speed and acceleration and recharge rate for the pusle cannons.
9 of 9 : For the defiant its self.


Nine of Nine's Defiant

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