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Ship Builders Project 2007 (SBP07) and -Cordanilus present a preview (for your enjoyment) of various upcoming Docks.

Do indeed read the readme, it contains some very good information.

from the looks of it , you will need to get these , when they become avalible.



Ship Builders Project 2007 (SBP07)

Good Morning.

Briefing started at 1738 hours, -5 GMT.

We here at SBP07 would like to introduce 4 DryDocks that are nearing completion.
1st, we have the TMP DryDock
2nd, A grey version of the TMP DryDock
3rd, the ST:Generations DryDock used for the Enterprise-B
4th, A Pre-TNG DryDock (Big enough to house the Ambassador Class but not the Galaxy)

This video will show you what these drydocks look like in the game and how close they are
to completion.  The only one to be worked on is the Generations DryDock, textures and hp
to be modified.  The rest are to be tweaked but is practically done.

I (Cordanilus) am not too sure about a release date, A few tweaks and update some textures
and maybe final beta testing...then I can release it.

This is my first model release as well as SBP07.
I have other projects to complete as well so expect more to follow in the following months.
Hey, I'm not the best modder but I can make something. lol.

Oh yeah, serious now.

I hope you enjoy the preview.


Special Thanks:

KM Team, I used KM 1.0 in testing this fine mod.
Dr_McCoy1701A for adding fake bump-map textures to my own.
The SBP07 Team, we have much to learn and are gaining experience quickly.


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and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures (A Viacom Company)
registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Star Trek:Bridge Commander was produced and distributed by Activision Inc.

This video is not intended as an infringement of the owners rights.

Any questions can be sent here:
cordanilus AT hotmail DOT com

Thank You

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