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This is a pretty bad replacement SFX file for the abandon ship mod. It sounds like its used the "new game" sound from BC followed by Micro...


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This is a pretty bad replacement SFX file for the abandon ship mod. It sounds like its used the "new game" sound from BC followed by Microsoft Reader saying "abandon ship".

Having said that this does seem to be his first file, so its not a bad attempt.

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Download 'abandon_ship_alarm_v.1.zip' (363KB)

Allright, this is only going to work with the "abandon ship" mod (tested on Abandon Ship V.0.5.1) by Defiant & scottpkeene.

Special thanks: Defiant & scottpkeene for making the abandon ship mod.

First of all: The abandon ship file uses one of the new game sounds, and it will replace that sound, though personally I think it's worth it, and it really doesn't make any difference while you're playing.

Description: This sound file will replace the "abandon ship" sound, (which is just a whistle) with the whistle an announcement, and an alarm. It's not the greatest, but it makes it a bit more realistic. I do think that I'll try to find a sound of Sisko or somebody announcing abandon ship, and I'll update the file if I get one (also feel free to send one to me)

Installation: Just copy the file "sfx" into your Bridge commander directory (default C:/Program files/Activision/Brige commander)

If you have any problems, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

LEGAL... well actually, I really don't care. I am a full believer in the free exchange of information, and yada yada yada. I put down the following guidelines:
1. Feel free to download, distribute, yada yada yada this EXACT file, as long as I am credited (which basically means include this readme)
2. Feel free to change it in any way, and re-publish the changes on filefront, you can choose whether or not to credit me.
3. The one thing I forbid, FORBID!!! Do NOT republish this EXACT file crediting it as your work. 
4. Not that anything should go wrong, and I'm paranoid, and scan everything for, well everything from viruses to spyware, but just in case I'm not responsible for anything that causes undesired results to your computer. So anything other than changing your yellow alert sound isn't my fault. It's still your duty to practice safe internet steps, so be paranoid and proud!

Also! This does in a way modify the Abandon ship mod, though I didn't think it qualified, if you (the creators of that mod) have any problem with this, e-mail me (and anyone else you have to) and I'll pull it as fast as I can. I did credit you (see above) and thanks again!


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