Achilles Class

This is the long awaited update to Zorgs Achilles class USS Lennox

It includes an updated more realistic HP. The engine and Ventral Torp...


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File Description

This is the long awaited update to Zorgs Achilles class USS Lennox

It includes an updated more realistic HP. The engine and Ventral Torp Turret textures have been completely redone, with some fine tuning on the mesh.

This ship looks sleeker than ever and is now much better balanced.

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Title		: USSLennox, Achilles Class Battlecruiser_ver1.5
Filename	:
Version		: 1.5 (not tested in Multiplayer)
Date		: 2/05/2003
Author		: Michael Frederick (A.K.A. - Zorg/Morpheus)
email           : [email protected]
Credits		: Daniel B. Houghton (aka Dasher42) who made it possible for everyone to
use new Bridge Commander mods with the his 'Foundation Plugin System'!
NanoByte, who made the mod packager!

Description of the Mod File

This is an update to the 1.0 release of the USS Lennox Achilles Class.  This features a new engine design including the side and top bussard collectors.  Also the phlanx torpedo texture and placement has been redone.  Parts of the mesh were altered, tweaked or redone quiet a few textural enhancements were done on the ship to give it a much more polished look.  

HP alterations.

I balanced this against elminsters HP updated: Galaxy, Intrepid, Nebula, Prometheus, Hawkeyes Nemesis Sovereign, red_dominion_battleship_v1.0, 9 of 9's Defiant, and Bugship.  I lost some battles and won others.  HP corrections include 2 rear launching torpedoes, phlanx launching torpedoes facing up 3 torps on each side of the ship launching upwards.  "Cannon" pulse phaser color (orange yellow) readjusted phaser strength recharge times, firing range, discharge time, recharge time, hit points, etc.

Photon load:
500 micro photons
500 micro quantums
290 quantum torpedoes

NOTE: Your game will need to be modded to use more than 2 torpedo types in order to use all the torpedoes.


THIS WILL OVERWRITE THE VERSION 1.0 USS LENNOX ACHILLES CLASS, so if you want to keep your configuration make a backup copy before installing.
Unzip the files into a temp directory on your hard disk, open up the contents of the newly unzipped folder "BC_Achilles_USSLennox_version1.5" copy the files inside that folder to your root Star Trek Bridge Commander directory.  When asked to overwrite select OK.  Open up BCMP(Beta 4.4) import the ship and enjoy!


Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright
Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Please use this mod in any way you wish, all I asked for is credit for the original model & textures.  This mod is not to be sold or put on any compilation Cd for sale.

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