Achilles Class U.S.S. Vengeance

Here is the USS Vengeance, Achilles Class Heavy Cruiser. This ship is very powerful and can take on almost any ship, its weapons can quickly...


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Here is the USS Vengeance, Achilles Class Heavy Cruiser. This ship is very powerful and can take on almost any ship, its weapons can quickly destroy other heavy vessels including the Sovereign and Galaxy class ships. This file also includes another hardpoint for the USS Achilles, that is similar to the Vengeance with only minor differences.

This ship can give and take a pounding from several ships at once, as this ship was designed to take on the massive ships that include the Hutet, Planetary Defender amongst others. Highly Recommended Mod

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Download 'blurb23_ussvengeance_v1.3.rar' (2.83MB)

Title: USS Vengeance
Filename: Blurb23_RefitAchilles_USS_Vengeance
Version: 1.3
Date: 5/9/05
Author: Blurb23
Email: [email protected]

What's changed:
Ok, so here's what changed
- Fixed the spelling mistake (my bad!)
- New tactical icons
- Some HP tweaks
- New and tweaked models for both the Vengeance and Achilles

This mod has two Achilles class ships in it. The USS Vengenace, and the Achilles. 
Both ships are nearly identical. The Vengeance is meant to be the player controlled
ship, and the Achilles is meant to be the AI ship. The only difference is that the
Achilles has a lower Tri-Cobalt torpedo count, and is designed so that the AI
isn't constantly launching them, and having instant kills.

Whats Included:
- USS Vengeance
- Achilles
- Fanfic history of the ship, titled USS Vengeance

Where this ship came from:
This ship is from the Dominion Wars game, and I attempted to make it as close
to the one we see in the intro movie. The movie heavily features
the Achilles, so make sure you watch it. If you haven't seen it, Shinzon_of_Remus
just uploaded one to BCFiles.

Just extract the ships into your BC directory, and add the ships in 
via BCMP. Enjoy!

These ships were tested on both an EOL 1.3 install, and a clean install

This ship was meant for HEAVY combat. For those reasons, it has been balanced
against Queball and MayhemUK's USS Courageous. It is meant to be able to take on that
ship was minimal damage. They're also designed to fight against my Hutet and MKWF on BCfiles.

Bug list:
None known 

Special Thanks:
Special thanks goes to a friend of mine, who I am very greatful to. This mod would
never have been possible without him. He wishes to remain anonymous, and so he will. 

Distribution Information:
This file, or any included or associated with it may NOT be used on your site, included in a mod,
or sold for money.

If you want to use it on your site, include it in a mod, or use some (or all) of it's files,
you MUST contact me and ask for permission. It will most probably be granted, but I reserve the 
right to deny you it. 

Fanfic story distribution:
This file may NOT be posted on any website, mod package, or anything of that sort
without expressed permission from me.

If there are any questions, please contact me via email.

Original model: DEEMON
Textures: Blurb23
Mesh: Blurb23
Original Hardpoint: TeraByte
Hardpoint: Blurb23
TGLs: Blurb23
Fanfic story: Blurb23
Tri-Cobalt Torpedo: Unknown/Anonymous on BCFiles
Enterprise E Canon Quantum torpedo: C2X

This ship is NOT made, distributed, or supported by Activision, Interplay, or 
Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager are all copyright of Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, images, 
and sound from the production. No infringment of these copyrights and trademarks is intended.

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