Achilles Class U.S.S. Vengeance

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Here is a newer version of the Achilles Rescaled and Refit modification, this ship has been re-scaled to 33% of its previous size, its weapons have been changed so that it doesn't destroy ships as easily as it has done in the past and the textures have been slightly modified to look better in game. There are two vessels included in this modification pack, the USS Vengeance and the USS Achilles. The ship are armed with photon, quantum and tri cobalt devices and is a match for several ships up to at least the battlecruiser level perhaps more.

The Vengeance is the more powerful ship out of the two, however it is more difficult to control than that of the Achilles. This modification also includes a small fan fiction about the Vengeance.



Readme File:
Title: USS Vengeance
Filename: Achilles_ReScaled_&_Re-fit_v1.4
Version: 1.4
Date: 7/12/05
Author: Blurb23
Email: [email protected]

What's changed:
Ok, so here's what changed from 1.3
- HP cleaned and values reset(more cannon), all rear phasers removed (the ships killed too easy )
- Entire Ship(s) re-scaled to just 33% of previous size for a more cannon appearance in game
- weapons re-scaled to re-scaled ships
- model(s) slightly tweaked models for both the Vengeance and Achillies, textures tweaked slightly

This mod has two Achilles class ships in it. The USS Vengenace, and the Achilles. 
Both ships are nearly identical. The Vengeance is meant to be a more effective killing machine but slightly more difficult to control more so than the Achillies.  
The Tri-Cobalts are meant to be Base and Borg killers only, and are not to be used in ship to ship combat without top StarFleet authorization, or the ship is at risk of capture 
Whats Included:
- USS Vengeance
- Achilles
- Texure options (3) including Deemons original, anyone can be used on either or both ships
- Fanfic history of the ship, titled USS Vengeance

Where this ship came from:
This ship is from the Dominion Wars game, and the attempt was to make it AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE
to the one we see in the intro movie and the game. 
The Vegeance is more of a 'Pit-bull' ship with a good story to go with it. 
I know this model and it's textures are not as up to date
as many newer models, but the ships are still alot of fun to play with, especially when you need
the Federation to show some real 'teeth'!  I also hope that a top modder will someday come out with a
brand new update or variant of the Achilles model.

Just extract the ships into your BC directory, ( OVERWRITE any files from previous installed versions completely ) then add the ships in 
via BCMP. 
If you have newer Tactical weapons textures, for example from a major mod installation,
it may not be necessary to overwrite those files with these files. 

These ships were tested on both an EOL 1.4 install, and a clean install

This ship was meant for Very HEAVY combat and attacks from multiple ships at one time. However, the HP values in this versions
are significantly less than version 1.3.  Once the ships start going down, they should go down much faster than before
but fighting till the end.
Bug list:
None known - even the dreaded 'hole' effect that was frequent in the past ships never appeared on these (yet...)

This file was made a good while back, but the computer it was in was actually stolen.
I recently put in a old backup cd I made in a my new system looking for fonts, and there it was!
I really do not remember putting it in there, but I am glad I did!
P.S - In this file was actually a 3rd model that was to go along with this, a MVAM Ramming ship.  It works fine actually,
a ship textured almost black to simulate experimental re-programmed Borg nanites to hold the ship together.  The
problem is giving the ship enough value to do any significant damage to hurt anything without bouncing off - not very
'believable' I guess.  Any suggestions are welcomed...

Distribution Information:
This file, or any included or associated with it may NOT be used on your site, included in a mod,
or sold for money.

If you want to use it on your site, include it in a mod, or use some (or all) of it's files,
you MUST contact me and ask for permission. It will most probably be granted, but I reserve the 
right to deny you it. 

Fanfic story distribution:
This file may NOT be posted on any website, mod package, or anything of that sort
without expressed permission from me.

If there are any questions, please contact me via email.

Original model: DEEMON
Textures: Blurb23
Mesh: Blurb23
Original Hardpoint: TeraByte
Hardpoint: Blurb23
TGLs: Blurb23
Fanfic story: Blurb23
Tri-Cobalt Torpedo: Unknown/Anonymous on BCFiles
Enterprise E Canon Quantum torpedo: C2X

This ship is NOT made, distributed, or supported by Activision, Interplay, or 
Paramount Pictures.

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager are all copyright of Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, images, 
and sound from the production. No infringment of these copyrights and trademarks is intended.

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