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This Aegean class is a rebuild based on the original from Star Trek: Armada. The vessel's proportions are a little different, the nacelle design has also been changed slightly but still resembles the original. Of course, it features high res textures in 1024, 512, and 256 sizes, allowing you to pick the best one for your system.



File Summary:
Title: Aegean Class
Source: Star Trek: Armada II
Author: ChiefBrex
Date: 08-10-2006
Email: pdohm123 AT bellsouth DOT net


Original Design: Paramount
Mesh: ChiefBrex
Textures: ChiefBrex
Hardpoints: Elminster
Other Model Scripts: ChiefBrex
MLeo's Registry Tutorial: MLeo (from the SNS Galaxy Pack)
Installer: USS Sovereign
Build Time: 4 months

BCMP (For TGL Installation)
Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v4 (for alternate HP)
MLeo's SDT v2.0 (for texture swapping)

Included In Pack:
8 Sets of Aegean Textures including Blank Textures
Low and Med Res versions of Textures
Script Files
Alternate Hardpoint
ChiefBrex's Registry Making Tutorial
MLeo's Registry Making Tutorial

History of the Aegean Class:

In the 2350's, Starfleet asked Research and Development to develop a new set of starship designs, which would be built to include the latest in Starfleet technology. Among the designs created by Starfleet R&D were the Galaxy Class, the Intrepid Class, and the Nova Class. From each of these three projects arose the Nebula, Challenger, Niagara, Freedom, Katana, and Aegean Classes.

In 2369, Starfleet's Corp of Engineers finished the prototype for the Aegean Class ship. Although several meters longer than the Intrepid Class, the Aegean Class was designed to have only 10 decks, and was almost as wide as the Intrepid Class. And both designs shared several of the same design elements, particularly in the primary hulls.

When the threat of the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant became real, Starfleet asked the Corp of Engineer's to begin producing several of the starship designs that were still in testing. One of these was the Aegean Class. During the prototype's early construction, Starfleet R&D developed a device known as the Shield Enhancer. The Shield Enhancer was created to help boost the shields of neighboring, friendly vessels, in order to help the crews of the ships to have more time in being able to repair their own shields, and to survive longer in battle. However, the effect only proved temporary, and R&D was never able to get the shield enhancer's effective range to increase. At current, only vessels within 1000 km of the Shield Enhancer would be affected. Thus, in the 2370's, when the Dominion War broke out, Starfleet chose the Aegean Class as the vessel which would house the Shield Enhancer system. Starfleet made the decision, because the Aegean Class performance specs showed that, do to it's unusual design, maneuverability had been somewhat compromised. With the Shield Enhancer, the Aegean Class stood a better chance of performing as needed.

Production of the Aegean Class continues, as Starfleet R&D attempts to improve the effectiveness of the Shield Enhancer. Currently, there are only 7 Aegean Class vessels in service:

USS Aegean NX-68849 (NCC-68849 as of stardate 51003.8)
USS Baltic NCC-68875
USS Bering NCC-68876
USS Caspian NCC-68902
USS Mississippi NCC-68912
USS South China NCC-68928
USS Trident NCC-68862

4x Forward Torpedo Bays
2x Aft Torpedo Bays

150 Type 6 Photon Torpedoes
100 Quantum Torpedoes
5x Type VIII phaser arrays

Known Bugs

Steps to install model

1. Just run the Installer. The files will be placed in their correct place. If you've installed BC in a different directory instead of the default directory, make the necessary changes before installing the ship.

NOTE: The included HP in the scripts/ships/hardpoints may cause your game to crash if you do not use the same phaser and torp textures as I do. Before trying to load the Aegean Class, check the phasers and torpedoes in the HP, and adjust them as necessary in order to get them to work properly.

2. Run BC and enjoy!

About the Blank Textures:

There is a tutorial available on how to make your own registries using the blank textures available.

About the Alternate HP:

This isn't technically a bug, but - the alternate HP uses Elminster's Common Weapons Pack 4, which hasn't been released yet. As such, using it will mean that you have no phaser sounds. And if you do not have any of Elminster's previous Common Weapons Packs, you will not have any phaser or torpedo textures as well.

Q: Why are the spec maps in RGB instead of greyscale?
A: Because, the way the Aegean Class is mapped, in order to maintain the level of detail drawn on the texture maps, particularly in the glows, the spec maps had to be made using a combination of greyscale/RGB. All the engine glows were kept in their original colors on the necessary maps.

Q: Why are you spelling this mod Aegean instead of Aegian, like it is in Armada 2?
A: Because, Aegian is not a word in the English Language. There is also belief that it was a misspelling in the Armada 2 game, that probably was intended to be fixed or not, we're not sure. Also, in Armada 2, it's also referred to in the scripts as "Andor Class". But Aegian is the commonly accepted name, but it is now using the corrected spelling of Aegean, named after the sea between the Grecian Penninsula and Turkey.

Q: Why does this Aegean Class have elements from the Intrepid Class?
A: I decided that the Aegean Class, had it been seen on Star Trek, would have been developed around the same time as the Intrepid Class, if not originally considered as one possible design for the Intrepid Class. So, I chose to go with elements from the Intrepid Class, as well as the Ambassador Class (inspiration for the Aegean's bussards) and Nova Class (inspiration for the Aegean's captain's yacht), to create this design version of the Aegean Class.

Q: Is there a Dominion War version available?
A: There will be. Meteorafallen is working on the Dominion War textures version. As for a DW HP, I haven't decided how that will differ from the HPs available in this package.

Q: Why is there ??? where the Sensor Array should be in the Engineering Panel?
A: Elminster set up the HP so that both deflectors were targetable, along with each of the sensor pallets. As a result, there are multiple entries in the HP for "sensors". Therefore, the game cannot distinguish one as just "Sensor Array". This doesn't mean that it doesn't work though.


If you are interested in making modifications of my Aegean Class for use within your own mods, or would like to use the Aegean Class as is in your own mod, Please be courteous and email me at pdohm123 AT bellsouth DOT net to request permission to do so. Any copies of the Aegean Class posted on any websites without my permission, will be reported as stolen work to the respective website administrators.

Special Thanks:
Adonis and LC - for teaching me how to mod in the first place
Elminster - for taking the time to make the HP for me.
F9thDawg - for Beta Testing for me to get this ship ready for launch

Copyright Information

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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