Aegis Class U.S.S. Patriot

within is the Post Nemesis Uss Patriot - NCC-76890: Aegis (W) Class Version 1 by Cavan Millward this vessel has a massive amount of fire...


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within is the Post Nemesis Uss Patriot - NCC-76890: Aegis (W) Class Version 1 by Cavan Millward this vessel has a massive amount of firepower (as you can see from the pics)

we made a new zip cause the readme was outdated and there was a folder out of place ((icons/ships) it ought to be in data/icons/ships)) no screenshots of the ship were included

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Star Trek: Post Nemesis      Uss Patriot - NCC-76890: Aegis (W) Class     Version 1

How to install

1. unzip all files.
2. Open your BC folder located at C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander
3. Copy and paste data scripts and sfx into the main directory 

I have included the Custom files for this ship so you may not have to use BCMI to install. 

Model Specs

5208 Polygons
1024x1024 pixel skins

Starship History - Backstory

The USS Patriot is the second ship of the Aegis class to be built. The design was commissioned for duty in 2373 as a multipurpose platform
capable of being configured for mission specific objectives with an interchangable nose pod. The first two vessels - USS Aegis and USS Patriot - were fitted with weapons pods under the nose which expanded the weapons systems by an additional 4 forward firing torpedo tubes and 4 Pulse Phaser Cannons Which were tied directly to the main phaser system. When the dominion threat was finally erased and the Borg had been repelled to almost none existance it was decided that the Aegis project be embraced by a more traditional mission role. That of exploration and scientific research. The next 3 Aegis class ships commisioned were fitted with an advanced sensor pod to enable high resolution long range scanning of somewhere in the region of 25 light years. Close range scanning gives unparalleled resolution and understandably makes the Aegis (S) class a first choice posting request for science graduates.

The USS Patriot however is unique among the Aegis class. Her sister ships are posted in defence, science, or perimiter roles due to their size 
and ability to remain 'at sea' for very long periods of time without routine maintenance. The Patriot was assigned starfleet covert operations
and last line sector 001 defence. This would put the Patriot into some of the most dangerous area's of federation intelligence, regularly
assigned to intelligence gathering and enemy infiltration. The Patriot is expected to provide multipurpose defence and assault. Where the Patriot is concerned however, it is that aggression isn't the preferred option. More of a return to traditional values but in a more covert theater.

The ship is 700m long but is designed to have a relatively small targetable silhouette. The bridge is located in a recess for protection, 
surrounded by a large hydroponics bay and arboretum. This structure also houses a backup reactor, deuterium storage and secondary warp core which provides ample power to run the standard systems in conjunction with the increased weapons demand - or sensor power on the sensor pod fitted models. The whole ship is ablative armoured however the armour is thicker in this area to help protect these backup systems. The main warp core is buried deep inside the main hull and stands little chance of a direct hit. The ship has 8 forward firing torpedo tubes, 4 aft firing tubes, 4 forward pulse phasers and 11 Type XII phaser arrays made up of 6.5 MW segments. Main saucer arrays being the most powerful as they are made up of around 110 segments each side. The forward facing shuttle bay gives better access for shuttles aproaching on an intercept course and makes tractoring items aboard a much easier task requiring very little maneuvering of the ship once the object is within tractor range. Internal security is supplimented by holographic security personnel in extreme boarding situations. The provision of complete internal holo-emmiter coverage gives not only security advantages but also medical assistance from the onbord EMH/LMH should the main medical staff be unavailable. Warp field geometry is controlled to give improved efficiency via a larger set of field coils in the forward portion of the warp nacelles, this is evident from the characteristicly bulged leading end. Subspace field layers can be thrown out ahead of the saucer in a 25┬░ Z axis ellipse. This configuration helps the ship to slip into subspace much more readily and allows for fine-tuned warp field manipulation through precision adjustment of the forward warp plasma injectors. As a result the Aegis class is one of the more economical starships in the starfleet and is capable of extensive sustained high warp flight, maintainable upto warp 9.6. Beyond this the ship is subject to time limits at the given warp speed, although capable of speeds in excess of warp factor 9.97. Sublight propulsion is handled by the 6 vectored thrust impulse nozzles. The impulse system consists of 12 reactors configured with 6 either side of the rear saucer section. These 6 reactors have their output chanelled through the driver coils where the exhaust is then fed into the vectored nozzles to provide not only forward Z axis thrust but Y axis too. This gives enhanced projectile avoidance, roll capability and low orbit control.

Crew of the USS Patriot

Position		Rank		Name				Race/Sex			
Commanding Officer 	Captain 	Sarah Ashworth			Terran/Female - English
First Officer		Commander	James McAllister		Terran/Male - Scottish
Chief Engineer		Lt Commander	Aidan O'Donnel			Terran/Male - Irish
Operations		Leutenant	T'Sel				Vulcan/Female
Science			Leutenant	Kimberly Clarke			Terran/Female - USA
Flight Control		Ensign		Jack Miles			Terran?Male - USA
Tactical/Security	Leutenant	Keesa Nerrel			Bajoran/Female
Doctor			Lt Commander	Joseph Tagini			Terran/Male - Italian
Special OPS		Leutenant	Micheal Lazarus			Terran/Male - Australian


RBE - Specialist Starship Design and Construction.

Who are!

Model/ textures = Cavan Millward (Mesh/Skin Design & Construction), Jonathan Bray (Mesh Design)
Scripts = Jonathan Bray, Cavan Millward
Weapons = Jonathan Bray, Cavan Millward
Hardpointing = Cavan Millward

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