Akira Class Mod Pack



will bring the Akiras to a new level. The mod pack is 308 MB. Compatible with Foundation Technologies (FTech) with integrated Reflective Shields, Ablative Armour & Auto-Targeting. Now, this is not just a bunch of replicated ship working off of one or two hardpoints. This ship pack consists of 38 ship divided by three generational tech design. With the FTech plug-ins, each ship is singular in performance, energy output and usage. Working with the Skinning & Damaging Tool (SDT), all the ship are working from one SNS Akira model, modified by JLS Studios. This mod includes tactical/weapons mods contributed by BCS-TNG Scripters USS_Sovereign, USS_Frontier and DKealt. Each of the ship scripts are written too be compatible with the QB/QBR related mods. The sister ships will show up on your (Federation Ship) selection list. The custom ship scripts are compatible with the latest Skinning & Damaging Tool (SDT) and Sub Menu mod. Each ship will have (2) torpedo choice, a different combination among the fleet. Along with (2) fore & aft torpedo pulse launchers, as seen on the Sovereign Class. The phasers have been streamlined from the bulky stock version. The ship names will be familiar, if you enjoyed the single player mode in Bridge Commander, ST: Away Team & the ST: Armada games. I also added the ship names from a historical standpoint. Here are the stats for the Generational Upgrades... First Generation too included plug-ins for the "Engine Overload" mod. This mod willrender all ship inactive for 40 seconds. Any enemy ship within 20 kilometers of the Player'sship will be rendered temporarily "incapacitated". Second Generation will operate with slight alterations to the shields, Torpedo complimentsfor each ship. Each generation of the Akira Class will be a unique starship within it's own fleet. The"Chain Reaction Pulsar" will be added to the Second Generation of Akiras. Third Generation will include plug-ins for the "Mannheim Effect" or Self-Mannheim mod.The Akiras will be able to create a "Gemini Effect" like in the Star Trek: Armada series tocreate a temporal duplicate of the Player ship. The Effect is "Temporary" but should provea crucial tactical tool in Quickbattle. Each ship from this generational design will have adifferent power consumption output, for the Temporal effect. Since this is my Mod, I'll let you rate it....Enjoy,Blackrook32* Foundation Technologies (FTech )http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/FTech_Foundation_Technologies_;84343* MLeo's Submenu Mod (latest version)http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/;68668* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0:http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Elminsters_Common_Weapons_Pack;5773* Nano FX2 Beta:http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/NanoFX;23469


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