Albatross Torpedoboats 3 pack



Klingon academy Albatross, plus Romulan Akula style variant and tradition BOP Variant. All have equal armament and abilities as all that is changed is nacelle arangement. They are low poly, so sprinkle them in with your larger ships as annoying support vessels.



====Starforce Productions Torpedo Pack Destroyers====

Models: Klingon Academy, converted by Captain Korah
Textures: Atrahasis, Thulls, ganymad
Kitbashes: QobnuH 
Conversion/HP: Starforce2
Weapons: Lauralin

Each ship is 150m long. 
Each ship has 1 fwd torpedo, rapid fire/reload 2 torps per load. 50 torps total.
Each ship has 1 aft disruptorbeam

These vessels are intended as pack vessels or support ships. Each ship is cloakable.

The First albatross was slower at warp than design estimates due to a single engine drive setup. The romulans than exxperimented with an Akula design like the federation, but continued problems with unstable warp fields resulted in the final production model to be a traditional warbird twin-nacelle hull setup. The delays however, resulted in a final product being released that was already nearly obsolete. Few rescources were amde available to convert the original 2 design models, and to this day it only happens if one is badly damaged in the pylon/nacelle areas or after it is sold to a klingon house looking for inexpenive supplimentry vessels with more internal space than Brel.

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