Ambiant Bridge noise



This provides a nice, steady, real sound background hum along with some nice beeping noises.



Joxbo's ambient bridge sounds(V1.0)

Developer: Joxbo

This mod will get rid of the boring old enginer hum and replace it with a new engine hum, along with LCARS noises. You hear it in all the episodes and movies, so why not Bridge Commander?

Installation instructions:

1. Make a new folder on your desktop called 'backup' or 'Original BC files'.
2. Go to the Activision/Bridge Commander/sfx and copy the wav file called 'Bridge2Loop'. Paste it in the Backup folder and do the same with the 'Bridge_loop_warp' file located in sfx/Bridge folder. This is so you can put the original files back if need be.  
2. Extract the new 'sfx' folder to your desktop, copy it, go to Bridge Commander root folder and paste the new file into it. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the old files. Click 'yes'
3. Start up BC and enjoy the new ambient sounds!

File alterations using fruityloops

None known

Contact: clou[email protected]

Thanks to BCfiles.com and the BC community

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