Ancient / Alteran Puddle Jumper

Here is the Ancient / Alteran Puddle Jumper as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly ma...


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Here is the Ancient / Alteran Puddle Jumper as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly manuverable (in fact very similar to the show) and can easily avoid shots from the Ha'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies), these weapons can easily destroy many ships including Ha'taks, TNG Cruiser Level ships from TNG. The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. The bad points, the puddle jumper is only set to one form which is the one where its engines and weapons are outside of its hull. An idea for improvement perhaps the use of MVAM to add the different forms of the puddle jumper including where the weapons and engines are in the hull, although that would be the limitations of Bridge Commander. There are also no sounds to make it sound like a puddle jumper. Overall a highly recommended ship to fight against the wraith or the goa'uld. For fun try taking the Puddle Jumper against the Anubis Ha'tak and see how long you last.

This version uses MVAM II to retract that engine and weapon pods into the hull. The hardpoint has also been tinkered with to add extra realism.

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File name = Ancient/Alteran Puddle Jumper

Developer - Dave975 + DKealt

E-mail = [email protected]

version = 2.0.

Description =  Here we have an update to the puddle jumper. The mod now includes an MVAM script which will allow you to
retract theengine and weapon pods into the main hull. Unfortunately there is no way to make a second MVAM mod for the same
model that would retract just the weapons pods but not the engineines. This also includes 2 sound files, the first of which
is a sound fx for the engines, and the seond is a sound clip of the engine pods being retracted, which plays during the 
mvam sequence. I have also made the front a little more slanted, and slanted the back a lot more so it is more accurate to 
what you see in "Rising" and "38 minutes". The final changes are to the script, as i have increased the firing delay 
between each volley of drones, as it makes every battle too quick if you can fire all of the drones one after another with 
no reload delay.

Known Bugs = None that i know of. If anyone finds any please let me know.

Credits = Model and script by me (Dave975).
          Icons, glows, sfx, and textures by DKealt.

Installation Instructions = copy and paste into BC directory then use BCMP.

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