Andromedan Starbase



This is a new Andromedan Starbase, it has plenty of pulse weapons beam weapons and torpedoes



------------- Andromedan StarBase ----------------
Date: 22.3.2004.
3DMAX TO .MOD: Darkmatrix
mod to nif+ship icon-starforce2
Hardpoints and scripts: zeljko
Else: Unknown

SFC Andro models 
poly count-roughly 550.
Size-roughly 3000m diameter.

Better download AndromedanHC or AndromedanD  because i did not
included weapon scripts or sounds in this.

*remember*: you must have foundation plug-in installed. download it 
at http://www.bcfiles.com

Unzip this zip in a temporary folder and then copy data and scripts 
directories in you bridge commander folder. if asked 
overwrite the old files and all files will be updated. 

None Known

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