Aquiescent Class U.S.S. Ticonderosa

Here is the USS Ticondeosa, an Aquiescent Class vessel. This ship looks like a hybrid between an Akira, Defiant and an Intrepid class starsh...


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Here is the USS Ticondeosa, an Aquiescent Class vessel. This ship looks like a hybrid between an Akira, Defiant and an Intrepid class starship. This ship in particular was designed for tactical defence, although another version is included in the file, a version that includes a sensor pod and also has a slightly different look. The ship fills the role of the suppliment or perhaps replacement for the Defiant class, although slightly longer at 300m.

This ship is armed with ten phaser strips, four Pulse Canons, two forward and two aft photon and quantum torpedo launchers. Overall a detailed and well made vessel, highly recommended.

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Download 'aquiescent_class_uss_ticonderosa.rar' (3.52MB)

Star Trek: Post Nemesis      Uss Ticonderosa - NCC-93284: Aquiescent Class     Version 1.0

How to install

1. unzip all files.
2. Open your BC folder located at C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander
3. Copy and paste data scripts and sfx into the main directory It should all now work as I've included the custom files. If not run BCMP and
activate using the program.

Model Specs

5012 Polygons
1024x1024 pixel skins

Possible Bugs

No known problems found.

Starship History - Backstory

The USS Ticondeosa is a member of the Aquiescent class starship. Developed by RBE for starfleet multitask operations the starship design 
consists of a main spaceframe which contains all of the running equipment, power systems and propulsion. To this a variety of 'saucer modules' 
can be attached depending on the mission specific objectives. As these are dockable items the downtime on turn around is to a minimum meaning
that the Aquiescent class can respond to any emergency situation. The undocked spaceframe is capable of sustained warp flight on its own and 
as such can be made use of it certain situations where internal space or specific mission criterior are not deemed necessary. There are currently
four ships in the fleet. They are:

USS Ticonderosa - NCC-93284		Tactical Defence
USS Simpatico - NCC-93417		Starfleet Medical
USS Resilient - NCC-94782		Tactical Defence
USS Irrepressible - NCC-94895		Intersteller Research
USS Aquiescent - DT-96137		No designated modules, ship 'Designated Tactical Vessel' in spacedock on rapid response.

Each ship has it's own designated 'saucer' modules except for the Hornet which is a DT (Designated Tactical Vessel). The ships carry these modules
until starfleet require them for alternative service. This Model includes the optional file for the fitting of the enhanced sensor pod to the
top of the ship. To install this version simply substitute the Ticonderosa S.nif in place of the standard Ticonderosa.nif renaming it to replace the 
standard one. The skins are the same for both. To actually give the ship increased sensor power you will need to replace the hardpoint file.


The ship was designed as a suppliment to the larger fleet. Envisaged as a step on from the Defiant class she is longer at 300m, has 8 decks and 
is capable 'dogfighting' due to the 8 vectored thrust impulse engines intially developed for the Aegis project. Put in place on this vessel gives 
the Aquiescent class excellent thrust and control. With 10 phaser strips and 4 PHASed Tacheon Energy Rectification (Phaster) Pulse Cannons** in 'Battle' configuration. 
The ship is also fitted with 4 torpedo tubes, 2 fore and 2 aft. The ship is capable of planetery landing and take off with landing struts/feet hidden 
behind belly doors during normal operations.

**Experimental weapon using phased tacheons as the particle beam instead of the usual EM photons found in PHASed Energy Rectification 'PHASER' weapons, 
Using Tacheon energy it is possible to accelerate the photon particles beyond the speed of light before release thus improving the likelyhood of a 
Phaster pulse making contact with its target than traditional Phaser Cannons


Model/ textures = Cavan Millward - Design Concept,Model Construction,Textures, Jonathan Bray - Design Concept
Scripts = Cavan Millward
Weapons = Cavan Millward
Hardpointing = Cavan Millward

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