Armoured Sovereign



This is a retexture of CGs sovereign to make it look more armoured, the pack also includes a new HP to give the sovereign armour.

Author has been set to anonymous because no name was included.



This is a Sovereign retexture mod. Files included in this package originated from Chronocidal Guy's CG Sovereign Mod and Michael Pellington's (aka The Pelican) Nemesis Sovereign.

The retexture was done to give the sovereign an armored look. It still has it's original markings with the exception of text that states "USS Sovereign NCC-73811" which was redone to make it stand out more after the retexture was added.

Also included is a new Hardpoint file which includes a new armor sub-system as well as some other modified factors. (This ship has been tested against 5 stations and 8 ships and took them all out except for the Fed Starbase.) ;)

Installation instructions:

1. Backup existing files first.
2. Copy and paste both Data and Scripts folders to the Bridge Commander root directory. Viola! C'est tout. ;)

Special Thanks To:

CG Sovereign, Copyrighted by Stephen Vernava, aka Chronocidal Guy (For the base model Textures)

Activision/Totally Games (For Bridge Commander)

Paramount and Gene Roddenberry (For Star Trek itself)

Disclaimer: No real ships or crewmembers were hurt in the making of this mod. The modder himself was overtired after working several hours getting this mod to work only to discover it wasn't his mod that caused a problem at all. :P
If any problems do arise from this mod simply replace the files with the backed-up ones. ;)

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