Assimilated Akira Class (KM and Remastered Version)

213028-185008-Assimilated Akira Class v1_2.7z —


The Assimilated Akira Class is a VERY powerful Borg-affiliated starship, able to wipe away three Eclipse-Class starships with no issues.

Please note, the above is NOT an exaggeration if you use Burst shot, this is almost a God-Ship.

This Mod has been updated with a plug-in to load the ship into your ship lists under "Borg Ships."  The files have also been extracted from their original BCMod format for ease of install.



Programmer:	CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell)

-Bridge Commander
-BCMP(for ship TGL)

	This mod contains an assimilated Akira-class starship; the vessel is extremely powerful, especially when under player control.  With warp plasma torpedoes loaded, the ship can fire up to 96 torpedoes almost simultaneously when set to burst mode, making this vessel incredibly lethal to virtually any enemy ships.  Enjoy the mod!

	Double-click on "BorgAkira.BCMod" and let BCMI install the ship; overwrite any files if asked.  The file, "BorgAkira.tgl" goes into "BC-Mod Packager/Ship TGLs" - use BCMP to update it into the game after installing the ship(this will make a little description for the ship in the Quickbattle selection menu).

Updated 2023-05-21 by MSR1701 wtih the following changes:
- Extracted files from BCMod for ease of install for new users
- Ship Plugin added to load the ship under "Borg Ships"
No other changes were effected to the model, textures and scripts on this update.

This program is not made or supported by Activision. You may distribute this program freely as long as the original archive is distributed and no part of it, including this document, is modified or missing.

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