Assimilated New Orleans

Capt.Bryan is again extending his fleet of assimilated Federation ships.


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Capt.Bryan is again extending his fleet of assimilated Federation ships.

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Download 'borgno.rar' (4.2MB)

Programmer:	CaptainBryan(CaptainCook/CaptainRussell)

-Bridge Commander
-BCMP(for ship TGL)

	This mod contains an assimilated New Orleans-class starship; recall that the New Orleans-class is a medium-sized Federation starship with Galaxy-class nacelles and deflector and three torpedo tubes dorsally mounted and facing forward.
	The assimilated New Orleans-class is very powerful with enhanced maneuverability and Borg weaponry - you'll need an armada of decent ships or a single strong ship like a Negh'Var or Galaxy-class Dreadnought to take this ship down.  The weapons, shields, and engines of this ship are tough and regenerate very quickly, so watch out.
	Other than that, enjoy this ship!

	Double-click on "BorgNO.BCMod" and let BCMI install it; overwrite any files if asked; the file "BorgNewOrleans.tgl" goes into "BC-Mod Packager/Ship TGLs" - use BCMP to update this TGL file into the game after installing the ship(the TGL puts a little description of the ship into the Quickbattle selection menu for the ship).

*****	Thanks to Rick Knox for the New Orleans-class model and the original textures	*****

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