Asteroid Textures

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First MOD from this guy. New texture for asteriods give BC something new. Slightly different from the original asteriods but gives a little extra depth and maybe little more realism.

Worth checking out.



                                -=(ASTEROID TEXTURES)=- by. Kalashnikov

I made this new Asteroid "skins" couse i thought that games orginals
were not the best ones. So this replace the orginal skins.
There is some in game pictures in this zip so take a look.

extract this files to exp. "C:\Bridge Commander\data\Models\Misc\Asteroids\High"
What ever your Star Trek Bridge Commander directory is.

As always you sould backup your original files BEFORE installing
this file, just incase you change your mind.

Release notices:
This "Skin pack" maybe release on your site, If it includes this readme and
creator is credited ('Kalashnikov').
If u have any thing to ask at me please be my guest.
my email is "[email protected]"

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