B'rel Bird of Prey

Here is the B'rel Bird of Prey, this ship is armed with 2 Pulse Disruptors and 1 Torpedo Launcher. This ship is powerful against small ships...


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Here is the B'rel Bird of Prey, this ship is armed with 2 Pulse Disruptors and 1 Torpedo Launcher. This ship is powerful against small ships such as scout vessels and light cruisers but will struggle against normal cruisers such as a cardassian galor or an excelsior class starship, although the BOP will give those ships a good fight (until it loses its weapons, which happens very fast). This ship is very useful for hit and run raids against convoys and any attacks in numbers.

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Download 'brel_bop.zip' (2.86MB)

B'rel Bird of Prey

Version 1.0


By Sandtrooper



Mesh & Textures: Scorpion



109 M

2 Pulse Disruptors
1 Torpedo Launcher

*Note, that this ship's HP file uses a different Pulse Projectile file instead of the Stock File, change it if you want*
Specular Textures are included.

To Install:

Use WinRAR to extract files to BC Root.
A Ship Plugin file is included to make the ship In-game.
Ship appears under "ScorpBoP"

Advanced Install:

This method will replace the current B'rel, to do so, follow instructions:

1) Delete Current Bird of Prey models & Textures

2) Delete BirdofPrey.py/pyc's (located at Scripts/Ships (Hardpoints), erase the ones at Hardpoints too)

3) Extract files from Zip/Rar.

4) You don't need the ship plugin file if you are doing this method, it might make a duplicate ship in the QB menu.

5) Rename references of "ScorpBoP" to "BirdOfPrey", this will make the ship the Default B'rel Bird of Prey 
the game will use (EX: Game will use this model as the Bird of Prey in Single Player/QuickBattle). Rename model folder as well.

*NOT TESTED or MODIFIED TO SCALE: RanKuv Hardpoint (certian Bird of Prey in Single Player, Not Mod-capible)*

You will have to open the hardpoint file and choose the Torpedo you want. Default is the Stock Fed Photon so game won't crash once you are flying the ship.


=Kobyashi Maru Users Note=

You might not be able to play Multi-Player after you install this,
it is best you put this in a Seperate Install (if you had room).


Included in Archive:

Alternate Textures: Makes a certian hull part darker.


Tactical display might look wrong,
TDE didn't show me the icon (didn't show it once I opened it) to place the stuff correctly.

Version 2.0 To do's:

MVAM Support (Wings up, Wings Down.)
Hardpoint Fixing (will do this if demand is quite high, if not, HP stays the same).
NanoFX Lights
And other stuff I forgot to mention...


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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