B5 earthforce bridge crew only

here is a uniform mod for you B5 -earthforce fans- does come with mutator


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here is a uniform mod for you B5 -earthforce fans- does come with mutator

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Download 'b5_earthforce_uniform_modv11.zip' (7.34MB)

Babylon 5 Uniforms With Mutator Menu Option v1.0
orginal Created by: Houliganisle ([email protected])((must have changed,,,Does not work now))
this redo is v11

redo by TIQHUD : tiqhud [at] gmail [dot] com   (Please email me if you have troubles)

=============================== HPers Comment ===========================
all I have done is rename a folder so if you have to remove , you will know which to delete
 if you like the earthforce uniforms , this is Not a bad set

------------- Requirements: -------------------------------------------------------

stbc_patch.exe ( http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374 

bcmp-beta-v4.4-full.zip  http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/BCMP_full_version;4171

_ BCMI _ has the most recent foundation 


---------------- About ------------------------------------------

This MOD will create a mutator menu option which will enable your bridge crew to have Babylon 5 (EarthForce) uniforms. 

as you can see from the pic the extras are still in ST uniforms

- Hand Link (communication device) shows up on both hands because B5 mirrors images.
- The pin on the neck collar looks nothing like the one on the show, I won't go into details here, but it's also not there because B5 mirrors images.
- The patches on the female uniforms aren't as "clean-cut" as the male ones.

-------- Credits -----------------

- The head file that replaces Saffi was created by Crazyhid (http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?ID=10352)
- Thanks to Mldaalder's mutator menu option files (Created for BlackRook32), they served as a great guide to create my own.
- The B5 Uniforms themselves were created by Houliganisle.
- Thanks to everyone on the bcfiles.com forums for their help and encouragement.
- Thanks to TiqHud for the script changes
- Thanks to Wiley Coyote for testing

=========== Installation: ---------==========================================
1.) Unzip the files to a temporary directory
2.) You should end up with two folders extracted ("data" and "scripts") if you don't have these two folders then you either selected a single file before extraction or you are not using WinZip.
3.) Place both of these folders into your root Bridge Commander folder (usually C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander). You will be asked if you want to replace files click "yes to all."

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