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Here is the Bluestar a small ship that has often been refered to as the "personal whitestar". This ship is relatively small when compared...


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Here is the Bluestar a small ship that has often been refered to as the "personal whitestar". This ship is relatively small when compared to that of the whitestar, but is the smallest ship that can form a jump point (warp in Bridge Commander though). This ship was only seen in the last episode of Babylon 5 - Season 5 which was set 19 - 20 years after season 5 itself.

The ship is fairly powerful for the ship of its size, and can take on several different ships from the star trek universe although will struggle against the larger (its not actually a one shot kill against a galaxy class, its a lot more difficult). This ship is armed with two pulse cannons similar to that of those one the whitestar.

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Download 'bluestar.rar' (1.81MB)

Babylon 5 Whitestar-class Attack Ship.

Model by Nadab Göksu. Converted to Bridge Commander and hardpointed by ThunderchiId.

Often called the "personal Whitestar", the Bluestar is a small ship with a crew of three, designed to be a smaller counterpart to the Whitestar Fleet. For use by the Anla-Shok when use of a larger ship--such as a Whitestar--is impractical. The Bluestar is the smallest ship of all the Younger races that is capable of forming a jump point into hyperspace on it's own. The Bluestar, like the Whitestar, is a technological hybrid, built with both the best Minbari technology available, as well as technology from the Vorlons.



Combat Designation:
Scout Ship/Personal Transport

52.12 meters

Vorlon Shields

8,000 critical

2 Pulsed Fusion Cannons


Model: Nadab Göksu
Textures: Nadab Göksu
Conversion: Thunderchild
Hardpoint: Thunderchild
Beta Testers: tiqhud, aobob and junky58. All of BCU
Weapons Sound FX: DamoclesX
Engine Sound FX: Sci-Fi Dreamyards
And anyone else I forgot.

Special Thanks: My beta testers. :D Great job.

Extreact to temporary directory
Copy to BC Root (c:\program files\activision\star trek bridge commander)
Launch the game.
Check mutators.

Tested with NanoFX 2.0 BETA. Required for muzzle flash effects.

The model is very high poly. 32,223, to be exact. It still plays well and damages very well. I ported it and tested it on an Athlon XP3200+ with 512mb RAM and a GeForce MX-400..Your grandma's Gateway should run it just fine.

Some of the textures are in excess of 1 megabyte.

The ship is balanced against other B5 ships already ingame (DY Battlecrab, DX Victory and DX Warlock) and performs very much like onescreen. You can't target subsystems. :) Minbari Stealth. Woot.

Don't complain if it one-shots a Galaxy--because it's not balanced against a Galaxy. :)

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