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the mutator option is very nice thing to have with this thing


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the mutator option is very nice thing to have with this thing

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Babylon 5 Uniforms With Mutator Menu Option v1.0
Created by: Houliganisle (

The latest foundation Plugin installed (


This MOD will create a mutator menu option which will enable your bridge crew to have Babylon 5 (EarthForce) uniforms. Because it uses a mutator option your original characters and uniforms will remain, no need to create backups, and you can switch between starfeet and b5 with the click of the mouse. You should be aware however, that a few things will be changed besides the Uniform when this mutator is activated. The first change that you'll notice is Brex, his head file was changed to the blond guy from the starbase. Secondly, Saffi is gone and a more attractive first officer is in her place. Finally Kiska no longer has ridges on her nose. The reason for these changes? Brex and Kiska's species both don't exist in B5 and Saffi is just too ugly to stay there...enjoy the mod and feel free to post comments/suggestions.

Bugs / Issues

As far as I know this MOD is bug free, however if you think otherwise let me know. The uniforms themselves have a few "issues" which result in them not being exactly like the ones on the show:

- Hand Link (communication device) shows up on both hands because B5 mirrors images.
- The pin on the neck collar looks nothing like the one on the show, I won't go into details here, but it's also not there because B5 mirrors images.
- The patches on the female uniforms aren't as "clean-cut" as the male ones.
- *All of these will eventually be fixed, and a v1.1 file will be released. In order for this to happen however, I need to know how to fix these problems, if you know how send me an email.*


- The head file that replaces Saffi was created by Crazyhid (
- Thanks to Mldaalder's mutator menu option files (Created for BlackRook32), they served as a great guide to create my own.
- The B5 Uniforms themselves were created by me. Please ask my permission before editing them in any way.
- Thanks to everyone on the forums for their help and encouragement.

1.) Unzip the files to a temporary directory, the most easy-to-find place to put them would be on your desktop.
2.) You should end up with two folders extracted ("data" and "scripts") if you don't have these two folders then you either selected a single file before extraction or you are not using WinZip.
3.) Place both of these folders into your root Bridge Commander folder (usually C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander). You will be asked if you want to replace files click "yes to all." 
4.) That's it! You're done! Now, when you open up your bridge commander game "Babylon 5 Uniforms" should come up as a mutator option.


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