Babylon 5 Whitestar



This is the B5 Whitestar...it has strong weapons but weak shields, if used against a Starfleet vessel, but it is balanced in it's firepower compared to other B5 ships



Babylon 5 Whitestar-class Attack Ship.

Model by Kier Darby. Converted to Bridge Commander and hardpointed by ThunderchiId.

Whitestars are one of the newest class of Minbari attack ship whose duties and operations are delegated to the Rangers and the new Interstellar Alliance. This vessel, designed in cooperation between the Vorlon Empire and the Minbari Federation just prior to the Shadow War, incorporates the very best of Minbari technology and some of the rare and powerful technologies of the Vorlons.

Designed to fly in large groups and overwhelm opponents with a combination of large numbers and superior firepower, the Whitestar class monitors were the predominant weapons used against the Shadows during their reign of terror between 2259 to 2261. Built small and maneuverable enough to combat fighters, but large and sturdy enough to face off against capital ships, the Whitestar class vessel has proven its self to be a deadly warship capable of combating modern warships up to twelve times her size.



Combat Designation:
Attack Ship

175 meters

Vorlon Shields

16,000 Critical

4 Pulsed Fusion Cannons (All forward)
2 Pulsed Neutron Cannon (All forward)
1 Quantum-Gravitic Discharge Beam Cannon


Model: Kier Darby
Textures: Kier Darby
Conversion: Thunderchild
Hardpoint: Thunderchild
Beta Testers: tiqhud, aobob and junky58. All of BCU
Weapons Sound FX: DamoclesX
Engine Sound FX: Sci-Fi Dreamyards
Phaser Texture: Sci-Fi Dreamyards
And anyone else I forgot.

Special Thanks: My beta testers. :D Great job.

Extreact to temporary directory
Copy to BC Root (c:\program files\activision\star trek bridge commander)
Launch the game.
Check mutators.

Tested with NanoFX 2.0 BETA. Required for muzzle flash effects.

There are parts of the model that 'disappear'at certain angles due to no faces in the mesh. They are hardly noticeable and I can do nothing about it. It's still the best Whitestar model avaiable anywhere.

The model is very high poly. 45,650, to be exact. It still plays well and damages very well. I ported it and tested it on an Athlon XP3200+ with 512mb RAM and a GeForce MX-400..Your grandma's Gateway should run it just fine.

Some of the textures are in excess of 2 megabytes.

Like the real Whitestar, this ship relys a lot on it's defenses. Mostly it's shielding. It's shields are strong and recharge quickly. But if you can hit it hard enough to penetrate it's shields, it's pretty much dead. The ship is balanced against other B5 ships already ingame (DY Battlecrab, DX Victory and DX Warlock) and performs very much like onescreen. You can't target subsystems. :) Minbari Stealth. Woot.

Don't complain if it one-shots a Galaxy--because it's not balanced against a Galaxy. :)

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