At last, another Cardy vessel to sink your teeth into that seems reminiscent of the Tonga class from 'Dominion Wars'. She has impressive firepower, sporting a great deal of disruptor beams and a heavy load of forward torpedoes that can give a Keldon a serious pounding while it's speed is effective at avoiding incoming fire.

A highly recommended file.



====Starforce Productions Bakrus====

Mesh and Textures by:		Kleovoulos Toltsoglou aka kleotol aka X-man
Web Page:			http://hosted.unitedfederation.net/~kleotol/
E-mail: 			[email protected]
Created using:			Max r4.2
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

The Bakrus is a new Generation cardassian warship. Classified as a strike cruiser or escort, it is fast, manuverable, and while smaller than a galor it is more powerfull in shields than a keldon and equil in beam  output, while being more heavily armed. 11 defensive compressor arcs, 2 foreward  deflector based emitters, and 4 foreward torpedo tubes firing 2 each make this post dominion war vessel a force to be reconed with.

Legal crap:
Conditions of use
*	You may not RE-distribute this mesh without express permission from the author. As with any free mesh on the web, you CANNOT use them for commercial purposes.
*	You should not publish them in any way without crediting the author. I have put allot of work in modeling/texturing this mesh for you, and this is the only thing I ask in return.
*	Commercial use of this mesh (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form of advertising etc.) is strictly prohibited.
*	Permissions for conversion of the meshes to game formats will be granted assuming I will be notified BEFORE any releases! Not after! Also, I hold the right to intervene and even stop a release if the outcome of the conversion is not up to the generally established quality standards. Further more, when you release the converted model in your project you agree to include this document along with your project's documentation as well as credits to the creator(s) in your project's documentation.

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