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Barrier Class

barrier.zip —


resulting in a stronger hull and higher impulse speeds and maneuverability than the larger Sovereign. Most of the interior space is devoted to shuttle bays, propulsion systems, and weapons with little in the way of scientific capability or modularity. The Barrier's armament is potent for a vessel its size and is arranged to deliver devastating alpha strikes and full 360 degree phaser coverage. Regenerative shielding and several centimeters of Ablative Armor serve as defense, along with the vessel's surprising agility.This ship has one unique feature: a detachable weapons pod that operates as an independent sub light Attack Wing providing the Barrier with Multivectoral Attack Mode capabilities. It is a formidable craft for its size, equipped with advanced targeting sensors, weapons systems, and defenses, its sleek design gives it good handling characteristics in an atmosphere and provides fleet and base defense as well as support for ground troops, and securing planetary and small space targets.ARMAMENT22 Advanced Burst Phaser Arrays (18 main hull, 4 attack wing)13 2-shot Photon Torpedo Tubes (10 main hull, 3 attack wing)2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers (1 main hull, 1 attack wing)4 Heavy Pulse Phaser Cannons (2 main hull, 2 attack wing)4 Light Pulse Phasers (attack wing only)


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