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Battleship Ticonderoga

Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.


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Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.

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====Starforce Prductions Presents Ticonderoga Dreadnought====

Model and texture: P81
Conversion to BC: Starforce2

10 foreward torpedo tubes
6 aft torpedo tubes
6 standard dual turret saucer phaserbanks
4 single turret phaserbanks (aft phasers)
4 foreward firing megaphasers

Unlike some of the other ships, I've turned up all the phasers to 300 damage per turret, since it has dual reactors, and increased the shields. The ship is slow and doesn't manuver well, but has an impressive array of torpedo tubes to make up for it.

Low res textures in the low res folder. High res GAFY retexture comming soon.

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