Battlestar Galactica ship pack

This package contains the Battlestar, Cylon basestar, Cylon raider, and Viper vessels


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This package contains the Battlestar, Cylon basestar, Cylon raider, and Viper vessels

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Download '' (7.25MB)


General Stuff:
File		BSG_Ship
Ship/s		Colonial Battlestar Ver 1.0
		Cylon Basestar Ver 1.0
		Starhound Class Colonial Viper Ver 1.0
		Cylon Mr. IX Raider Ver 1.0
Meshs 		MadJohn		SFCommand Conversion --- See Original Read me's.
Hardpoints	Madjohn		Finaly!!!!! Weeks of blood, sweat and caffine.
Carrier Files	MadJohn
Weapons		MadJohn		
SFX		Nine of Nine	PulsePhaserJLH.wav from 'Defiant V1.5'


ST.Bridge Commander 	Ver 1.1		With Foundation Plugin	by Dasher42
Launching Framework	Ver 051102b	With New Tech 		by sleight42

Also useful:
Return Shuttles		Ver 0.6	or higher???			by Defiant
Dock at Target 		Ver 0.6	or higher???			by Defiant

Install Instructions:

Un-pack to Desktop, open folder and copy/ paste into Bridge Commander.
This will Replace " Battlestar Galactica w/ Colonial Viper (0.9) - 1.88 MB"

Known Bugs:

Textures		Looks OK but!! Best played with Damage off.
Damage Textures		Definitly needs some new ones of these. See above.
Weapons			Weapons fire looks too large in relation to fighter models. These 			need a new torpedo model, as the stock torp is to large.
Launch Tubes		Not available in QBGame ???? Maybe my setup!
Return Shuttles		Don't quite make it into the hangers, not sure why. As above maybe!

Thankx to:		The Few who Helped, Genty for the link, BlackRook32 and elminster for their suggestions in doting the I's and T's. All those that were no help at all! For forceing me to find out how things work for myself.

Vessel Statistics from
Also worth a look

Other Stuff

Weapons Stuff -
	Dont give me grief about the Phasers(Pulsar Lasers(NO they are NOT Lasers)) Damage level. These weapons were designed to 'Take Down' the heavely armoured Battlestar\Basestars, so when it blows six colours of s*!t out of your Sov dont come running to me crying, It is powerfull but has a long recharge rate, "its about as cannon as you get in BSG". Besides I have only Hardpointed HALF the TurboLasers and Launch Tubes these ships have; to compensate. This is more on par with an ISD, but with better weapons coverage.
	Likewise with the Projectiles, they have seriously overpower warheads but they have slow launch spead and poor tracking. They are a bit like stock torpedoes, but pack a much bigger punch.

Tactics:	Avoid direct engagement unless necessary, let your fighters do the work. The exception is if your enemy has a Carrier Class vessel. In this case KILL THE CARRIER FAST. For close in defense switch targets often to discourage them from getting too close.

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