Battlestar Galactica w/ Colonial Viper



Well here she is the Columbia Class Battlestar Galactica with Colonial Viper. This is a cool mod made for SFC and ported to BC. This mod comes with custom scripts and it's own "unique" section in the QB/QBR ship lists. I had great fun putting this Colonial Battlestar threw her paces. But it dosent seem right without some Cylon Basestars and Raders to bring the exsperience to Bridge Commander. This mod also comes with the names of the other (11) destroyed Battlestars. An "experienced" modder should be able to make use of the "added bonus", thanks to the generous Author.

But you might experience problems with the Return shuttle command, also the textures are in "bitpaint"? This should be updated to something more detailed. And the Weapons Pulses on the Galactica are in disproportion to the Colonial Viper fighter. That makes the model look odd.

If your a fan of this old 70's Sci-Fi show, this is a must have for your install.

Definately worth having a look at




General Stuff:

File      BGS_Battlestar_v.0.9.zip
Ships/s   Colonial Battlestar Ver 0.9
Meshes   MadJohn   SFCommand  Conversion -- See Original Readme's
Hardpoints    MadJohn   Finally!!! Weeks of blood sweat and caffine.
Carrier file     MadJohn
SFX                 NIneofNine  PulsePhaserJHL.wav from Defiant V1.5


ST:Bridge Commander  Ver1.1 with Foundation Plugin by Dasher42
Launching Framework   Ver051102b with New Tech by Sleight42
Return Shuttles   Ver0.6  or higher???  by Defiant

Thankx to:       The Few who Helped, Genty for the link, BlackRook32 and Elminster for thier suggestions in dotting the I's and  T's

Known Bugs:

Textures      Bit paint Realy, Looks OK But!!
Damage Textures    defiantely need some new ones of these
Weapons                  Weapons fire looks to large in relation to the fighter models.
Launch Tubes      Not Available in QB Game???
Return Shuttles    They don't make in to the hangar, not sure why?

Other Stuff:

Weapons Stuff-     Dont give me grief about the Phasers (Pulse Lasers(NO they are not lasers)) Damage level. These weapons were designed to  'Take Down' the heavely armoured  Basestars, so when it blows six colours of s*!t out of your Sov dont come crying to me. it is powerfull but has a long recharge rate so " it about canon as you get in BSG". Besides I've only Hardpointed HALF of the Turbolasers and launch tubes this ship had to be compensated. STOP thinking 'Starship' this is more on par with ISD, but with better weapons coverage.

Tactics:  Avoid direct engagements unless necessary, let your fighters do the work. The exception is if your enemy has a Carrier Class vessel. In this case KILL THE CARRIER FAST. For close defense switch targets often to discourage them from getting to close.

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