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This is a re-posting of the BC Battles video. The video shows the Feds doing what they do best- fighting a Borg Cube. Though some stock models are shown, the concept of the video is good. This is a nice example to show someone what a modded view of Star Trek: Bridge Commander can do in QuickBattle.

Check it Out. . .



BC Battles is a video I created some time ago for myself

I clipped a few scenes here and there to shorten it and I came out pretty ood.

Most of the models there are stock since I only just discovered BCFiles at the time.

I also just started to edit audio and included some seconds of weapons sounds
Tried to get as accurate as I could to match the video.

This is in .wmv fromat, pretty good for compression.
Needs wmp9 codec or better to watch.

By the way, would love to hear of video ideals.

email: cordanilus at hotmail dot com

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