BC Expansion Deluxe Compiled Version

This is all of the BC Expansion patches combined into one, for an easier and smaller download. There is no new content, this is just a large...


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This is all of the BC Expansion patches combined into one, for an easier and smaller download. There is no new content, this is just a large pack to make things easier to store, keep track of, etc. A split version should be coming out soon for the 56kers.

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Download 'bcexpansioneoldeluxe.zip' (97.25MB)

Welcome to BC expansion enemies of life Deluxe version

To use the deluxe version simply open up the file "BC Expansion Enemies of life Deluxe.exe"
and in the this program install the deluxe version into your Bc root directory e.g:
C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander

After this you can run the game but make sure that all mutators are on part from the mutator which allow you to have the choice to turn off and on,
on the the inacurate phaser mod.

Here is a quick manual for the STBC Expansion Deluxe version:

The minimum requirements you need before installing the expansion is:

-A fresh install of STBC
-1.1 patch

After this follow install the Expansion and follow the step by step instructions. 
After this Open the game and go to the configure menu and turn on all the Mutators.

After this you can play the missions and quick battle.

To configure the Turkey mode on MP, go to the "Turkey MP A.I Configure" inyour route
bridge commander directory and opne the file in not padand follow the step by step

In the near future we (no set date) We have the the bc expansion Enemies of Life 2.0.

We cant tell you much but we already have a new campaign on the way with a dominion theme which
is based evern before the bc storyline. It will start of at the First Contact battle with you playing as the thunderchild (akira Class).
During this you will do certian missions like capturing back the Prometheus (Also using the Prometheus). As well as trying other ships and seeing
other events like when DS9 falls and also play in a major part of the dominion wars.

Uss_Donoghue and Expansion team

BC Expansion Credits:

Expansion Team:

Director: Uss_Donoghue

Lead HPer and Vice Director N1: USS_Premonition

Hper and Vice Director N2: Morgan Beardsley

Music and accessories: Trunks999, Star Force 2

Website Admin and addtional stand in: Lewrbm69

Explosions and Nano FX: NanoByte

Core eject: Sneaker98

Plasma Rupture: Sneaker98

Multiplayer gameing surport: Defiant and Hartman

Multiplayer tester: Dark Shimmer

Bridges: Dream Arts Productions

Mission Creator: Uss_Donoghue, Book AKA Lord Apophis

Additional general help: Chrismund549

Tactical Manual: Uss_Premontion

Ships Manual: Lewis Spencer

StarField: Lightning Productions

WarpFlash: Particleman 


Sovereign: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Galaxy: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Akira: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Nebula: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Ambassador: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Intrepid: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Excelsior: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

K'Vort: Rick Knox AKA Pneumonic81

Venture: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Bioship: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Frigate: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Behemoth: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Defender: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Scout: Book AKA Lord Apophis

Prometheus: Lord Bile

Defiant: 9 of 9

Steamrunner: Cpt 2xtreme

Norway: Cpt 2xtreme

Saber: Cleeve

Dominion Attack Ship/Bugship: 9 of 9

Dominion Battlecruiser: Alexis

Dominion Battleship: Redragon and Durandal

Tactical Cube: Cpt 2xtreme

Cube: Darkdrone and Ice

Diamond: Darkdrone and MRJOHN

Sphere: Darkmatrix and MRJOHN

All Other Ships: 

Michael Pantner



Stock Game (Totally Games and Activision)

Viper and team: For updates on all bridges and 1.1 bridge excelsior

MadJohn: MP bridge crew

Sneaker 98: Inacruate phasers and Warp core eject

C2X: For shields and stars

Zorg: For BreenBB

Unknown: For everything else


This mod was scanned for viruses and fully tested on Bridge Commander v1.1 before it was released. I take no responsibility for any damage this mod may cause to your system before, during, or after it has been installed.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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