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This mod will change the "voice" scripts in the single player mode. Saffi is now less bossy and opinionated. Finally, she has been put in he...


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This mod will change the "voice" scripts in the single player mode. Saffi is now less bossy and opinionated. Finally, she has been put in her place. But your Bridge Crew has become more opinionated. In the introduction Captain Picard mentions his past command on the Enterprise D. Hearing the crew all at once "gripe and moan" about having to rescue the Cardassian Freghter "Karoon" was hilarious! And Actualy more canon, considering this is the post Dominion War era.

This is how the game should have been. And it will make the single player mode more intresting to play. This mod will convert all of the starting(8) missions script voice files.

Download ASAP!

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Download 'bclostdialog.zip' (551KB)

Lost Dialog and Other Changes Script Mod for Bridge Commander
by Kenny Bentley


This is a modification of the single-player scripts for Star Trek: Bridge Commander. There were several voice files that were introduced with Bridge Commander, but they were not used in the script included with BC. This mod is a modification of the scripts that make use of the extra voice files. While I wasn't able to get EVERY one of them. I was able to get a good bit of them. I also made sevreal other minor changes as well.
Here are the changes you can expect.  (Note: The following list of changes contain some spoilers. if you haven't finished the game yet, you may want to skip the lists of the episodes your currently playing or haven't played yet.)

- Commander Graff says new lines when docked at Starbase 12.
- Fixed parts in cut scenes where the characters look away from the camera.
- Made Saffi less annoying by lengthing the time it takes her to tell you what to do. ( For example, the one after the Cardassian distress call is 50 seconds instead of 20.) Also removed some of her lines such as the one from Biranu battle scene where she says ,"Sir, we should engage." (DUH !)
- End cut scene end earlier, so you can react to situations quickly. (For example, the cut scene ends BEFORE Felix says. "Sir, the enemy are power up thier weapons and moving to engage! " And some cut scens start later so you can get to red alert or whatever. Also changed it so the game dosen't go into cut scenes unnecessarly, like in mission briefings.
- Added some lines when the user pushes a character "Report" button to the main dialog.

Episode 1:
- Liu mentions that a supply and support convoy is on the way to Vesuvi, but the Dauntless is the only ship in the area that can met thier immediate needs. (This explains a Galaxy Class Battleship is making a milk run.)
- Added parts to the first briefing.
- Added dialog between Picard and Saffi in the beginning.
- Removed the "Federation ship is only as good as it's crew"  mombo jombo both to make up time and it's pretty obvious to anyone. (DUH !)
- Added dialog with Soams during the transfer.
- Captain Torren sounds a little more "threatning" in the greeting.

Episode 2:

- The Crew notes the first relief transports at Haven. and mentions that they are running late.
- Takahara stays on the viewing screen during the transfer, instead of dissapearing and reappearing.
- Added dialog in the "Karoon" rescue.
- Liu mentions a "special assingment" after the Biranu battle.

Episode 3:

- Brex says, "one tenth power" instead of "one-one thousandth power". (Is one- one thousandth power really enough to test regenerative shields?)
- Added dialog with Data before you go into the dust cloud.
- Modified the dialog whenthe stellar dibris is found, and when you scan the probe.
- Added coments from Korbus after you finish defending him from the Cardies.

Episode 4:

- Modified Felix's line when asked to distract the Galors.
- Added speech from kessok. (It's in kessok language anyway, so it probaly dosen't matter. But what the hey?!) :)

Episode 5:

- Additional speech from Data after checking out the outpost. he mentions prisoners being held at the outpost.
- Modified dialog from Brex and Data about cutting engien power to sensors This explains why you're "flying half blind with a arm and a leg tied behind your back.".
- Added remarks by Matan

Episode 6:

- Added dialog in Felix's log during the mission breifing
- Added lines from Felix and Saffi when you and the Nightingale go after the escape pods.
- Captain Yi is more tense, when he informs you that the strike force will have to retreat.

Episode 7:

- Additional speech from Liu in the breifing about the summit. Includes a more specified reason why the Klingons and even the Romulans want to form an alliance with the Federation to fight the Cardies. 
- Slightly lenghthenedthe time between the betweent he Crew dialog and when the Cardies arrive at the summit.
- Additional speech from Liu at the end of the mission about destroying the devices for the sake of the quadrant.

Episode 8:

- Additional speech from Liu aboit the Kessok being hostile.
- Modified dialog between the Crew and Picard when Matan heads for the sun.

There are a few other small changes, but they are very minor and not really worth mentioning. You'll probally know them when you see them.


Delete or backup the original .pyc files. The cut and paste the modded .py file in it's place. BC will compile the .pyc files. So If you want keep the originals, either backup your "scripts" directory or rename each .pyc file corresponding to a .py file, (For example in the directory  where E1m1.py is, rename or copy "E1m1.pyc" to "E1m1.pyc.bak" or what ever you want.  If you ever wanted to return to the original scripts, just delete or backup the .py file and copy the backup .pyc files to their original names. 

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