BC Mission builder

This well help you to make your own Missions for BC.

This is By SimRex and NanoByte is making a GUI version of it.

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This well help you to make your own Missions for BC.

This is By SimRex and NanoByte is making a GUI version of it.

Now a message from Nanobyte:

I am Pleased to announce that Sim Rex and I will be working together to make a Mission Editor

Sim Rex will be doing the Mission Coding while I make the GUI for it as I follow his work.

I will reveal more information in the Forums (BCN) when it becomes available For now, use Sim Rex's Existing Mission Builder Program.

NanoByte out...

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Download 'bcmb.zip' (395KB)

Readme.txt created 03/06/02

SimRex's Mission Builder:

Instructions for installation:
1. Unzip this archive to a directory.

Before running the builder, you need to know:
-The name of the system you want to use and which planets in that system you want to use.
-The name of your AI file (necessary for any non-player ships that you want to actually do thing)
-The name of your TGL file (if you have one - not necessary..)

Step-by-step instructions for using the builder:

1. Enter a mission name.  example - E1Basic
2. Enter the class of ship the player will be flying. Caps on first letter.
3. Enter the number of friendly ships in the mission besides the player.
4. Enter the classes of any friendly ships, one at a time, again caps on 1st letter.
5. As 3 & 4 but for enemy ships.
6. As 3 & 4 but for neutral ships.
7. Enter the number of star systems in the mission.
8. Enter the name of the first system (the name of the folder in the Systems directory, caps where appropriate).
9. Specify the number of planets you'll be using.
10. Specify which planets in the system you'll be using (check if they exist first!)
11. Enter the number representing the player's starting location.
12. Repeat 11 for all friendly, enemy and neutral ships, entering their names where prompted.
13. Enter the names of the AI scripts you'll be using, one at a time.  Case sensitive! AI files should be created using the AI editor, and put in the same directory as the mission.
14. Enter the number representing the AI script you wish to use for each ship.
15. Enter the name of your TGL file if you have one (should be s'thing like data/TGL/Tutorial/Episode/M4Complex.tgl)
16. Enter the name of the bridge for this mission (Either GalaxyBridge or SovereignBridge until someone makes more bridges...)
17. That's it :) Your mission script will be waiting for you in the directory with missionbuild.exe in it.  


Unless you make a placements file for the start positions of ships, you may find they crash into each other.  This is best solved by making a placements file ;)

If you're an experienced scripter, you will probably want to add event handlers etc. but this is currently just a tool to speed up mission development by doing the groundwork.  It's also quite untidy in places but it does what I wanted it to do.


Sim Rex
Apoc Entertainment
[email protected]

Python script version available on request, but not recommended for non-programmers.

DISCLAIMER: This script is not in anyway supported by or associated with Activision or Totally Games.  The maker will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to your PC by using this utility.  The maker offers no support for this release of the utility.

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