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Here is a Video by Cordanilus, where a introduction is shown with the latest ships and background mods that were released during this year on Bridge Commander Files. This is not an action video. It focuses on nebula and beauty shots. Paying homage to all the "Major" Bridge Commander mod groups. The Video is of high quality and looks really nice.

Check it Out. . .



Greetings All.

Yes, it's another video by Cordanilus.
I just love making trek videos that is in my install of the game which
introduced some of the various teams and releases that bc files has to
offer. This is not an action pack video but rather a slow theme.
I've tried out something with bc and it makes the video more movie-
like. I get better with each video and I do like to practice my skills.

Anyway...This video is dedicated to Dante Leonhart of Leonhart
Productions for this reason:

Because he mentioned me in one of his videos, lol. joking...below is
the real reason.

"Through your work, I've seen what can be accomplished in BC. I see
what it can do for the community. I aspire to make great videos, as
you do. I do it for the joy of sharing something "Star Trek" with everyone I can. Here's to you Dante, cheers."

Ok, enough of that...onto the video and other stuff.

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander was produced and distributed by Activision Inc.

This video is not intended as an infringement of the owners rights.

All comments and inquires can be sent to:

email: cordanilus At hotmail DOT com

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