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Here is the Romulan Pvor, a heavily armed heavy cruiser refit from around the Star Trek Nemesis time. This ship is very powerful (although n...


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Here is the Romulan Pvor, a heavily armed heavy cruiser refit from around the Star Trek Nemesis time. This ship is very powerful (although not a god ship by a long shot) and can take on Heavy Cruisers from the TNG Era with ease taking some damage. The Pvor is capable of matching for speed and manuverability all but the fastest of the Federation starships, it has strong shielding but lacks strong armour.

The Pvor is armed with one dual plasma torpedo launcher, two heavy disruptors, five medium disruptors, and four light disruptors. These weapons can make short work of most shielding of a Galaxy Class relatively quickly (but watch out for the torpedoes). Using cloaking attacks this ship can destroy even larger vessels more quickly but watch out for the quantum torpedoes (or similar) as those will give the ship damage. This ship is highly recommended for those that want to see more Romulan Ships in the game.

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Download 'bc2_pvor1.0.rar' (8.21MB)

====Starforce Productions Presents BC2 Pvor====

Concept: Raven Night
Model and textures: Scotchy
Model and texture tweaks: Raven Night
Hardpoints/icon: Starforce2
Testing: Blackrook
Torpedo by durandal



This mod is the property of Nightsoft, Inc., 
patent pending, and is not to be distributed for
profit, sold, bartered, rented, or otherwise used
for personal gain without express permission from
the owner. All rights are reserved.

Permission is hereby given to all that wish to 
distribute or alter this mod, as long as the above
conditions are met and this licence is included in
the readme, and appears at the top of the document.
The mod must remain proprietory; usage is 
restricted to SFC, BCk, KA and Armada. Any other
conversions will be considered if requested. You 
must also secure permission from the original author
of the mod. If you wish to alter this mod in any 
way, we ask that you contact the original author for 
permission before you release it to the public. If
you do not follow the aformentioned conditions, you
will be considered in violation of this user 
licence agreement, and will be subject to legal 
action. Any and all subsequent alterations or 
additions to this product, or any products that 
contain this product in whole or in part are the 
property of Nightsoft. Nightsoft reserves the right
to alter this licence at any time.

Thank you and enjoy.

Raven Night


Owner : Romulan Star Empire 
Class : Heavy Cruiser (Capital ship) 
Availability : Limited deployment 
In Service : 2364
Out of Service : n/a (two refits)

Length : 998m
Decks : 18
Crew : 646
Weight: 3.14 MMT's
Max Warp: 9.85

1 x Dual Plasma Torpedo tube/heavy disruptor, fore (nose)
2 x Heavy disruptors, fore (ventral pods) beams
1 x Heavy disruptor, aft (middle pod aft beam)
1 x Medium disruptor, aft (small square beam)
4 x Medium disruptors, quickload, fore (lateral wing edge)
2 x Light short range disruptors (dorsal)
2 x Light short range disruptors (ventral) pulses

In 2359 The Tal Shiar received reliable intelligence that the Klingon Empire was
developing a new capital ship. This information, coupled with the intel that
indicated the Federation was deep in development on multiple anti-Borg designs,
prompted the senate to reauthorize the Starbird class of cruisers for design 
and deployment.

A prototype was ready for testing in 2365, but was found to be lacking in the
manner of speed. Focused redesign was initiated, and a new speedy cruiser was 
ready for deployment by 2370.
This vessel was designed to hold it's ground against the new capital ships the
Klingon Empire intended to deploy, while matching the Federation starships speed
and menuverability. Though it did not meet expectations, the Senate was satisfied
with the tests and deployed the ship in small numbers.

This ship is unique for a Romulan ship in a few distinct ways. First, it has very
little storage space, limiting it's operational range. Second, it has lighter 
weaponry than most ships in it's class. What it lacks in both of these areas it 
makes up for in a big way, especially for a capital class Romulan vessel...speed 
and menuverability. This ship can easilly keep pace with all but the fastest 
Federation capital vessels. Shielding is strong, as with most RSE ships, but 
armor is limited.

Two separate refits, one in 2374 for the Dominion war (hull and armor upgrades) 
and another to extend the mission capabilities of the vessel in 2379 (system and 
hull upgrades to enhance range and cloak abilities) will keep this vessel 
operating far into the 25th century.

Extras Folder:

Extra textures:
The ship instals with "original" color scheme. 2 Additional texture schemes available in the extras folder.

Additional HP:
"The Starforce Special" is a hardpoint that was originaly created with the wrong weapons, but ironicly turned out to be perfectly ballanced anyways, so rather than throw it out, I added aft torpedo and did an overlay and included it as an extra. It changes the heavy pods on the ship to pulse weapons and adds aft torpedo.

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